Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shots Fired At Wilson & Magnolia

A Facebook fan reports that there were just "Four or five shots just fired near Magnolia and Wilson. People running."

Be careful out there; the urban terrorists are having a gang war and don't give a damn about anyone or anything except their deadly, stupid, selfish selves.

If you have any additional information, please post it in the comments.

Update:  "I heard 4-5 shots fired at the corner of Wilson and Racine around 11a. I'm on the third floor of a condo on Racine (overlooking the fire station) and saw a young black kid, wearing a black sweatshirt, hauling ass west on Wilson... minutes later a cop car came speeding down our alley, heading north. It didn't appear as if anyone was actually shot; there are no cop cars or emergency crews attending to anyone near Truman. Folks continue to walk by as if nothing happened... so all appears to be o.k."


  1. O geez. Right outside that liquor store. Why cant anyone see the connection to hooch and crime? We need to start a dry Uptown thing. Some neighborhoods in the city have done it.

  2. AL,

    better yet why don't you move to one of those dry neighborhoods.

    They tend to be high crime areas so you might want to be careful.

    Or not, perhaps you should just move and walk around with a big wad of cash in your hand.

    Bon Apetit!

  3. American LT, you are getting dangerously close to troll status with your fixation on alcohol being all of Uptown's problems.

    Here's a link. Why don't you spend 5 and a half hours watching it, and see what happened the last time people like you decided that Uptown should be dry? (Hint: didn't work out so well.)

  4. Great point. Lots of drug dealing going down around Crown Liquors on Clark at Newport. The gang activity and shootings around Binny's Beverage Depot off Halsted and Wellington is BAD. The fights and loitering in front of 1000 Liquors on Belmont at Sheffield makes that area TOTALLY unsafe. And all the prostitution and upscale shopping around Binny's (formerly Sam's) in the Clybourn Corridor is just intolerable. Not to mention that every place where IP goes to pick up some cheap Irish whiskey is a war zone.

    Now, really...are there people being shot, stabbed, robbed, or assaulted at ANY of those locations on a recurring basis? The answer is obviously "No." Therefore, the problem isn't simply "hooch = crime", or else we should have lots of issues with Lincoln Park matrons packin' heat and causing 'fisticuffs' in their designer outfits while picking up the ingredients for their medicinal mai-tai's at Binny's. It just so happens that in OUR neighborhood, we happen to have gangs shooting at each other whereever they seem to feel offended at the others' presence. How do we know that the shots weren't fired right outside the STARBUCKS on that corner? Maybe we need to really start a campaign to shut down upscale coffee shops to control crime....

  5. CN, don't forget--not ALL of Uptown's problems are connected to "hooch"...they are also connected to "vagrants"!

    Gangs? Illicit drugs? What are those?!?

  6. Dry Uptown? There is a brilliant idea, lets give the boot to more (generally recession-proof) tax dollars.