Friday, November 11, 2011

"Mosa Building" Gets Some TLC

The "Mosa Building," at 1014-1036 West Leland, has had quite a sordid history.  The past three years have included:  a broken water pipe that caused ceiling collapses and buckled floors and rendered most of the retail spaces uninhabitable; its use as a prostitution site and crack den; illegal condo conversions; every single residential unit going into foreclosure; another winter flood that turned the sidewalk outside into an ice rink; illegal condo resales; housing court; receivership; an absent owner; and even the rescue of kittens from inside its walls.

You can read more about this "bad luck building" here.

However, things seem to be looking up.  This past week neighbors noticed workers cleaning the filthy windows of the ground floor retail spaces and bringing in construction materials.  There's a large dumpster parked on the street in front of the building, indicating that large amounts of debris are being removed.  There's a building permit in the window which mentions plumbing and HVAC repairs and references a receiver.  We peeked in the window and saw that the warped floorboards have been removed and the original tile floor is once again visible.

Stay tuned!  We look forward to seeing what competent management can do with this blighted building.

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  1. I certainly hop this building will see some decent use. In passing by 2 weeks ago on my way home, a door was open with some workers inside. Neither spoke fluent English, but managed to tell me they were there for "demolition." I was (apparently) mistakenly under the impression they were gutting/knocking down the building.