Monday, November 21, 2011

Meeting To Discuss New Sedgwick Proposal

The Uptown Commission for Responsible Development is hosting a meeting to discuss the new proposal by Sedgwick Properties for the Columbus/Maryville site at Montrose and Clarendon.

The meeting will be held at the Clarendon Field House at 4501 N. Clarendon Ave.
on Thursday, December 1st at 7 PM.

From the e-mail blast from Buena Park Neighbors:
"Their original plan was overwhelmingly voted down earlier this year at a community meeting held by Alderman Cappleman. Their latest plan, The Lighthouse at Montrose Harbor, is pared down from the original but there are still some concerns that need to be addressed:

1. They are asking for $31 million in TIF funds
2. They currently have two properties in foreclosure
3. The current plan still has density problems

Buena Park Neighbors does not have an official position on this project; however, we believe that all of our neighbors need to be fully informed when such large-scale projects are proposed in or bordering on our neighborhood. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that you attend this very important meeting.

This meeting is being called by The Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development, which is a private organization. Also, we have been informed that, due to prior commitments, Alderman Cappleman will not be present at this meeting."


  1. I'm with you on the TIF funds and the foreclosures, but what exactly do you mean when you say that "the current plan still has density problems"? That's too vague.

  2. There is no reason to give 31 Million in TIF money to this project.

    This is not a blighted piece of property. It is the last big plot of land on the north side.

    31 Million TIF for the Uptown Theater that is blighted.

  3. i aggree q/QRBNST ... no TIF funds should be used for this or any other lakefront development (the views alone are enough to assure success).

    also, i don't see an issue w/the density of the development. look up & down the lakefront from hyde park to rogers park & you will see one high-rise after another ... its not like they're plopping this thing down in the bungalow belt ...

  4. Looking only at the presentation value of the website ... *sigh*

    Obviously, they know how to spell "TIF", but a few other words seem to be beyond the grasp of the proofreader. Or, maybe I'm just not familiar with the terms inafsructure or permanant.

    Details, people. Details.

    Speaking of TIFs, it's interesting that this proposal will not have any affordable housing in it (rental only, in the tower), but will satisfy the affordable housing requirement by redirecting $12.4M of the $31M TIF subsidy towards affordable housing projects.

    I'm not against funding for housing, don't get me wrong; but, something about taking money from one TIF district to fund a project elsewhere ... just seems odd, at first blush.

  5. Agree with BPN on all but bullet point 3, those types should move to Naperville already.

  6. Wasn't the overwhelming majority (over 80%) of the community vote AGAINST a Sedgwick Development and NOT that Sedgwick should resubmit another design??

  7. Wow these jokers are asking for TIF money still. We are all up in arms about how the government chooses to spend our tax dollars. Well people, this would be about as wasteful as it comes. The governments job is to use our tax money to provide us services that are essential. Nothing about this PRIVATE development is essential to any of us. Occupy this meeting! Let Sedgewick know that they can keep their dirty paws off of our TIF funds!

  8. THere are no density problems.. it looks great and is a great size for that parcel... you have to be reasonable now folks... agree on the TIF though!

  9. It looks way better and more suitable than prior plans - although not everyone is going to be pleased all the time.

    I agree - no TIF should be needed - but the problem is, its already a TIF district, thanks to Shiller. I recall Cappelman even saying he can "un-TIF" it. Maybe that's wrong, but I remember hearing it.

    Sure, a better developer can be found with a better plan, but unfortunately I think the TIF is something we will continue to run across with this parcel.

    Now if someone knows more about this, and if the TIF can be retired, by all means explain.... That would be great.

  10. I would rather the TIP money go to the Uptown Theatre.

  11. I agree with our resident superhero: as far as the building goes, this proposal is fine, maybe even slightly better than fine. The lakefront is lined with high-rise housing already and is well-served by transit, so density isn't an issue. Plus I like to see people investing in Uptown. The only glitch is that they want taxpayers to bribe them to make it happen.

  12. Sedgewick has issues. Google them.

  13. We *like* market-rate rental apartments--brings a different socio-economic class to the neighborhood, and brings more balance to the decades of imbalance.

    We *like* high-density (as long as off-street parking is covered by the new construction), for the afore-mentioned reason and because there's already high-density residential along the lakefront corridor.

    We *don't* like TIF funds being used--enough is enough. We don't care if Sedgwick has two other properties in foreclosure (Donald Trump went bankrupt himself at one point, and he still built the Trump Tower).

    And we certainly don't care who the developer is, unless we're also barring stupid people who don't understand the constitutional concept of "due process" from living in Uptown, doing business in Uptown, and from passing through Uptown, too. We will evaluate this proposal based on its own merits and faults. Period.

  14. As a follow up.. NO TIF MONEY. I don't live in that TIF district so I have no say, but the TIF river has run dry!

    The City should demo that whole property.

  15. Just for the record regarding the Trump Tower.

    It is about 20 stories short of the original plan...hence the stubby top section, it was supposed to be taller then the Sears Tower. It could have been worse.

    The financial health of the developer matters.

    Case in point:

    The Calatrava Spire. Or better...The Calatrava hole in the ground.

    There is a scary chance that if this goes bad we could wind up with a big ass hole in the ground and the hum of 24 hour diesel pumps to keep it from filling up with ground water. Or a rusty skeleton while the lawyers and judges do their thing.

    Sedgewick does not deserve to build their brand of product in such a prime location in a city that should be proud of its architectural heritage. The architect last time could not even answer what the LEED rating was. NOT GOOD....

    Look at the Jeanine Gang "Aqua" building. It is stunning, internationally recognized. It enhanced our cityscape...and still made a buck. It cost just under $310 million, about what the last proposal cost...MINUS THE TIF!!

    And it is just my guess that Architect Gang charged a higher fee then that bumbling whoever Sedgewick hired. But Aqua still made money, because design matters.

    So be suspicious, we can do better because we have something very special. Lakefront/ Parkfront / LSD property...the last of the Mohicans along with about $50 million to sweeten the deal.

    And the best we can do is Sedgewick?!

    Think about it.

  16. Thought about. For 2.7 seconds. Jeanne Gang hasn't got an option to buy on the property. Sedgwick does. It would be WONDERFUL to have a building designed by Gang at one of the gateways to Uptown, but unfortunately, the Sisters are the ones who decided who is designing and perhaps building at the Maryville site because they own the site. Not me. Not M.C. Not Mr. Littleton. Not the neighborhood. The Sisters. If TIF money gets approved for use on this project--likely over the objections of TIF district residents and property owners--then the City would have the ability to comb through Sedgwick's books and put all sorts of conditions and requirements on the TIF strings to ensure the project gets built. It's entirely possible that the City could require some sort of performance bond, even WITHOUT TIF money involved, to ensure that we don't have a big hole in the ground or a steel skeleton by setting aside adequate cash for a receiver to complete construction if Sedgwick goes belly-up. I'm going to say this as clearly as I can: no matter how much we dislike or distrust Sedgwick, WE...CANNOT...BAR...THEM...FROM...THE...NEIGHBORHOOD. If we could do that, I can think of a lot of specific gang-bangers, juvenile delinquents, Section 8 housing owners and management companies, and one-track-minded UU commenters that I'd like to see run out of Uptown first.

  17. I get the TIF complaints but I'm going to play devil's advocate here and outline a very realistic future for this plot.

    First off, I believe Littleton and others are greatly exaggerating the value or primeness of this property.

    1. It's not really lakefront in that there is a park to the east, then LSD and then another park.

    2. It's in Uptown. Like it or not, residential real estate in Uptown is a tough sell, the perception of many in Chicago of Uptown as a mini south side remains.

    3. The general residential market outside downtown luxury units is dead with credit for projects outside that narrow scope non-existent.

    What all this means is that without TIF money, we just aren't going to get a proper high density project built at this time, especially one designed by a prominent architect. The way I see it, there are at best two options for the property until if and when the housing market rebounds, which at this point looks like 2020 or beyond.

    Option 1 and probably the best option would be to let it sit as is. It's an eyesore but the city avoids yet another TIF boondoggle and we can hold out until the next boom. The risk being the boom never comes.

    Option 2 is that it's developed in the near future but without a TIF and this is what i think is very dangerous (and something that has happened to countless "prime" Uptown lots with disasterous consequences). In the current climate the only things that can be built here without taxpayer handouts are strip malls, cash for golds, walgreens and fast food joints. Those businesses are a demographic fit for the hood and don't cost a lot to build.

  18. I really don't see any development gaining community approval in that location that uses a penny of TIF funds. Uptown has suffered to many setbacks because of how TIF funds were used by the former Alderman to provide all of us with her vision for the community.

    Alek you raise some interesting points but I think people, myself included, are just to sour about being shut out from the decisions regarding Wilson Yard they won't agree to it.

  19. I do, however, find it interesting that Buena Park Neighbors are weighing in when they wont comment, publicly and officially at least, what they think of Thorek Hospital tearing down viable buildings to put up another parking lot... after accepting $5k in cash from Thorek.... I think there is a credibility problem when BPN in particular weighs in when they wont even comment on what is going on in their own back yard...

  20. Just remember what they show you on the drawing board and what they end up building is two different things.

    Why not use TIF money to buy and turn it into a park and keep it as open green space.

  21. My concerns here about this DEVELOPER and NOT the development of this site are well known.

    I looked at the artists rendering of the proposed buildings with an open mind. Why does the shadow of the mid rise on Marine drive cast a shadow all the way across LSD but the shadow from the proposed high rise magically stop at the tennis court?

    Please, please understand that these guys are not honest. Ask yourself one question: If this property is such a great opportunity, then why isn't there a line of developers with other proposals?

    For all the responses that will call me a NIMBYer without reading what I've written, you must work for Sedgwick.

  22. Really, a park? This particular corner of Uptown is swimming in parks.

    My guess is that all our carping about TIFs won't matter in the end. Cappelman was elected with a mandate to gentrify the ward (let's be honest), and a bunch of new market rate units in a glassy visible building are going to help him achieve that. I predict he comes out and says "I'm against the TIF, but as long as it exists, I'm going to use it for its intended purpose." And the building gets built, taxpayer subsidy and all.

    If I were king of the ward, I'd close down the TIF and dump all its remaining money into the Uptown Theater. But this is hardly the worst use of the money in the world, what with it actually increasing the tax rolls and all. Color me sanguine.

  23. @Alek: I don't know where you or other people who make such claims that Uptown is a "tough sell" get their information from, especially when the statistics contradict your claims.

    According to Dennis Rodkin's most recent Real Estate report (2011) for Chicago Magazine, the average sale price for a condo in Uptown vs. Edgewater was $197k vs. $175k, which is a 13% premium in Uptown's favor!


  24. @J: James was not elected with a mandate for anything.

    He was elected in a run-off election, and a mandate that does not make.

    That being said, James is a much more open-minded and open-communication alderman than Helen Shiller. He recognizes that in order to serve the people, the alderman must incorporate the concerns of all of Uptown's demographics.

  25. And let's not forget that this property sits where there once was an old water pumping station. When digging begins, Sedgwick will act all surprised when the maze of pipes and tunnels still underneath is "discovered." Then Sedgwick will either score extra $$ to rectify - or we'll be left with some half-begun garbage.

  26. I hardly think there will be an uproar if and when this is built.
    No one could stop Wilson Yard. I hardly think anyone would mobilize any major effort to that extent for a nice market rate building.

    Uptown needs help attracting decent tax paying citizens. This would do that. TIF isnt something that you just automatically demonize if it does what it is supposed to which is increase the tax base. We need something to balance out Wilson Yard and this would do that. TIF Uptown Theatre as well, this is the part of the city that needs it.

  27. "According to Dennis Rodkin's most recent Real Estate report (2011) for Chicago Magazine, the average sale price for a condo in Uptown vs. Edgewater was $197k vs. $175k, which is a 13% premium in Uptown's favor!"

    This really doesn't disprove what i said. I don't think you'll find many people trying to sell condos or rent out a unit in uptown who will disagree with me, it's tough. The neighborhood just isn't desirable.

    As for your link, it's deceptive, total sales were low, all it takes is a couple luxury units down around Irving to throw off the avarage. Not to mention prives in Uptown are down nearly 20% since 2010...20% in just 1 year (edgewater down 10%).

    Either way, both neighborhoods are struggling and won't be attracting 100% privately funded residential development for many years.

  28. Let's really be honest here - there's a difference between "gentrification" and enhancing the economic viability of an area.

  29. (Reposted not using my work account)

    Sorry, I didn't mean to cause a fuss with the "gentrification" comment. I was using the term more in the sense of "enhancing the economic viability of an area," as you put it, than in any pejorative sense. Both candidates in the runoff were promising to do that. It was clear as soon as Helen announced her retirement that we would get an alderman who was more concerned with economic development and attracting middle class residents. Again, not meant as a dig at James or any of his supporters.

  30. "I hardly think there will be an uproar if and when this is built.
    No one could stop Wilson Yard. I hardly think anyone would mobilize any major effort to that extent for a nice market rate building."

    Jeffo, Really? There's already been an uproar from over 500 mobilized people that voted against these guys.

    We're not opposed to 'nice market rate buildings' we're opposed to shady developers that need TIF funds for they're projects. This thread would be mostly silent if Sedgwick came back with a proposal that didn't include the TIF money.

  31. @Alek: A sale in Uptown is a sale in Uptown, so that does not change the fact that people are willing to pay a premium to live here vs. Edgewater.

    Yes, sales are down, that's irrelevant to the point I'm making, which is that if Uptown is considered a "down and out" and "undesirable" neighborhood (and Edgewater most certainly is not) then it's very hard to explain the premium spread.

    Your reference to "a couple luxury units down around Irving" throwing off the spread doesn't hold, unless you are confusing the boundaries of the 46th Ward as being co-terminus with Uptown.

    The ward extends south of Irving Park Road, Uptown does not. There are few (if any!) condos in Uptown that are close to Irving Park Road which would qualify "luxury."

  32. One more thing, the main impact is going to be from the rental apartment tower and its commercial/parking podium, so I think taking issue with the ups/downs of the condo sales market is moot anyway.

  33. I agree Sedgewick deserves a fair hearing and that they are getting.

    Keep in mind...if it was up to them the "fair hearing" would be held in a condo laundry room with a PR firm as anyone following this story will remember.

    And what was up with that big drop-deadline last time...remember? It was just last summer...right before they filed for bankruptcy on another property. What a sham.

    Very true it is not up to me who builds there. I believe Alek is dead wrong about the valuation of that location, nor do I share the view that Uptown is the "south-side", that is self-defeating/loathing at best.

    I'm proud of Uptown, now more then ever. We can do better then this mediocre scheme.

    Here is one way the whole project will go to hell in a hand-basket.

    When we break open that 100 year old junction box and go through a painfully too long "discovery phase" Sedgewick is going to miss a payment, default or something because they are so damn marginal financially and the project will stall...cue the diesel pumps and lawyers.

    And don't think it will stop there. The junctions and the connecting system are of the same vintage, it will unravel like a wicker basket in all directions for years to come. maybe we need to address long-term infrastructure issues but is this the way to do it? With Sedgewick as a crucial partner?

    The design is a joke, outdated and recycled...but not in an eco-friendly way. Architecture is an art and architects are supposed to be artists!

    A living breathing art, more important then the 2-dimensional eye candy I play around with. Architecture affects the quality of life, the enviroment, and the culture of the community at large for decades to come. This is hack work.

    I challenge the architect to a public design debate.

    I can organize at no cost to Sedgewick a venue in Uptown that meets all public access criteria for 200 or better in a week. The architect can have all of the advisers he wants behind him. I need none. It would still be a fair fight.

    In one corner...Mercy Housing resident and local artist J. Littleton....for the love of Uptown.

    In the other..... corner...Sedgewick...for the love of money.


    A notable and respected architect can pick and chose, even in this economy, who to work for. Why would they chose Sedgewick...not a they are stuck hiring blog-savvy PR firms. We are not stuck with Sedgewick...lets keep it that way.

    This isn't how great art or architecture gets done. This is a scheme. Nothing more, nothing less.

  34. @JustAsking: There is a difference here. Schiller would have never got in the way of anything to do with the Wilson Yard development. She helped grease the wheels.

    Cappleman, in my opinion, will do what is necessary to get a desirable type of development in that location. Now I'm no city government expert, but I believe the local alderman can have a pretty big influence on zoning changes. And without a zoning change, I don't think any high rise can be built.

    Somebody please correct me if I am off base.

  35. Jeffo ... you're not retaining from previous discussions. The Uptown Theater has had a TIF in place for ten years. That is primarily in the 48th Ward although Shiller managed to leech some money out of it for the Heartland property on Leland in the 46th. This Maryville TIF was put in place in 2010 and is in the 46th Ward. It was Helen's farewell gift to those of us who pay taxes in Uptown.

  36. I don't know what neighborhood you guys live in, but I love Uptown and live in a very desirable area. People who don't agree are fools.I can walk to entertainment, fine dining, coffee, the el, the lake; I have everything.

    It takes me less than 15 minutes to drive to work in the morning, I have a decent place, my neighbors are all long term residents who are pretty normal. I get alot of bang for my buck here, and can still walk two blocks for sushi or any ethnic foods. I have never been mugged or threatened in ten years here. I have never heard a gunshot. Only one time did I hear someone screaming for help down the block.

    Yes, I run into the occasional douchebag, like the kid today at 711 who paid for his two glazed donuts on his link card, then ask the cashier to heat them up in the microwave, then stole the pennies out of the spare pennies cup while she did it but what the heck, that happens all over the City. (That guy really pissed me off because he acted like he was doing nothing wrong and he was entitled to his pennies, but I digress.)

    Not to say that things can't be better, we need to get rid of some of the public housing in some concentrated areas (the 4400-4500 block of North Magnolia comes to mind), we need to improve that crappy Uplift school, and get more business and market rate housing in here.

    Uptown is on the brink of a boom and I am tired of people bashing it!

  37. @Ray,

    I agree that there's a difference, in theory.

    I am a Capp supporter and agree with you about the zoning control/leverage idea. What I'm concerned about is his giving us an option to 'Reject the Developer completely' and their ability to come back. Over 500 voted that way.

    I've also heard the others when they say the Alderman can't block a developer from trying to do business.. So if that's true, why was there such an option presented to us?

    Something's doesn't fit.

  38. Perhaps Sedgwick should hire this local Cubs fan to do their PR.

    They could also hire this upstanding Uptown resident to assist. According to the Sun Times he lives at 915 Wilson so he is close to IrishPirate Sedgwick tower.

  39. IP,

    What about the dude who broke into Kenny Williams' place? That guy knows how to roll...

  40. Look at all their other development they aren't high on design aesthetics.

    I don't think they are credible.

  41. I understand people's concerns about the misuse of TIFS. So am I.

    The boundaries of this particular TIF is entirely located at the Columbus Maryville site which has never paid any property taxes. If nothing gets developed there, it remains a piece of property that contributes nothing to the tax base. Money from this TIF pays for the complete rehab of the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse.

    TIFS have their issues, but there are some benefits.

  42. It may be in a TIF district, but we DO NOT HAVE TO use TIF funds that will benefit this private developer. TIF funds should be used for projects that will benefit the neighborhood at large-parks,plazas, infastructure in mho. I'd rather wait for a private developer to purchase the property and not need TIF funds. It is prime lakefront property with specatular views right on the park. It can be done.

  43. Regarding the be fair.

    The site used to be a pumping station, there is a lot going on below the surface. We are talking about century old infrastructure that has to be redone, it basically the junction box for that area.

    The TIF is partially meant to address that, I think that is fair enough.

    However....keep in mind re-routing and rebuilding that rusty and corroded mess is anybodys guess in cost or time. Whatever happens it will have to be tied into an equally corroded and antiquated network, there WILL be unforseen issues.

    I just have a feeling its going to be messy, nothing is getting built on the surface until it gets resolved. It will be a major public works project 1st like it or not. And Sedgewick doesn't have the resources to sweat out the cost over-runs and it seems.

    There are more red flags in this scheme then a May Day parade.

    I agree with waiting for a better deal to come along and it will, sooner then later.

    See ya at the meeting.

  44. The Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development is looking forward to seeing you all at the Community Meeting on December 1st at 7pm. The UCRD is strongly pro-development; we believe that we have one chance for this site to be developed, and we know that community input is essential in this process.

    It has been difficult to get specifics about this plan, despite a number of meetings at the Alderman's office, and we continue to have significant concerns about the TIF request and the foreclosures on Sedgwick's two most recent developments.

    You can "like" the Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development on Facebook, or check out our Tumblr for more images and documents as we get them. Please come to the meeting on December 1, 7pm, at the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse to discuss this proposal.

  45. I'm going to create a group of Uptown residents to support high density development at this site to counter the nimby silliness I see all around me.


    Or as I prefer:


    Nimbys to right of them,
    Nimbys to left of them,
    Nimbys behind them.

    Into the endless meetings rode the 600 hundred.

  46. IratePirate

    I would be the first in line to join your "group". I am 100% for high-density.

    High-density in my front yard and back yard, that is how a hood gets a high-density of businesses, vibrancy, and to top it off high-density is greener, eco-friendly and well.....urban.


    That doesn't mean Uptown needs to behave like a forlorn low-self-esteem teenager hoping to be asked to the prom.

    Uptown can do better then this, much better, With the LAST large lakefront parcel...and yes it is lakefront... no matter what Alek says...and with a TIF sweetener to boot why settle for a sub-standard developer.

    Like a desperate and slightly drunk prom date.

    That would be silly.

    Over and out.

  47. Response to the IPster.

    IP, it’s actually not NIMBYs against density, it’s NIMBYs against poorly designed, TIF-subsidized, ill-conceived density being proposed by a developer whose last two crappy, poor quality buildings are currently in foreclosure, has 90% vacant retail and who relies not on good developing but rather on politically connected individuals and PR firms to influence the city and push his schlock through (oops -- that would never happen in Chicago, right IP?).

    Last go around it was Senator Cullerton and this time it’s Resolute Consulting and former Alderman William Banks (Wikipedia him or Google the Tribune’s "Neighborhoods for Sale"). JC said that Senator Cullerton dropped out when told by the city he would have to register as a lobbyist for Sedgwick. JC also said that the city now admits that they never liked the first plan, and he wishes they had spoken up before.

    UCRD supports development of the site and is not against density per se or a high-rise or lots of shiny new Uptown residents. We have faith and trust in JC and are working closely with him to help make sure that what gets built is well designed, well planned, of high quality construction materials and details. And Jeez, don’t just look at the pretty pictures, drive over to 1454 S. Michigan and look at their crappy Marquee building up and close.

  48. That's MISTER IP'ster to YOU.

    I'm glad some people want to see big and dense at that site.

    Ask anyone who knows me and they will say, "Yeah, he's big and dense".

    I also suspect Sedgwick is barkin' up the wrong neighborhood if they think substantial TIF money is in their future.

    Perhaps they can hire Ellen Barkin to do their PR next.

    They certainly need help on that front.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day folks.

  49. If the infrastructure under Maryville is painfully complicated and on the verge of collapse, then designating TIF funds solely to cover updating all that critical stuff is an *excellent* idea.

  50. With all of the resources and time Sedgewick spent on that video presentation....there is just ONE street level perspective view.

    The view is from the SW corner of Clarendon and Montrose.

    But what will it look like from say the front door of the fieldhouse where the meeting will be held next week, or along Agatite? There is enough information in the presentation to render a perspective image.

    The street level view is the most important for the average Uptowner as that is how they will experience, not from a helicopter.

    And getting back to the street level view they did include.

    Why is there a see-through/diaphanous white block on the NW corner instead of what is actually being proposed?

    I can understand from a design standpoint the intention. However the PURPOSE should have been to render how this proposal WILL actually look.

    This is deception by design, very slick.

    I think a local artist, if he or she has time, should do a rendering using Sedgwick's information from some alternative street-view angles. Pen and ink with watercolour maybe?

    I can visualize it, it is not a pleasant view, and it would explain why such a perspective was not included in this presentation.

    Any thoughts?

  51. Wanted to include the address for the Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development's site:

    We've been adding documents, history, and other links as we get them.

    See you at the Community Meeting this Thursday, Dec. 1 at 7pm- at the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse.

  52. TIF stuff: If you’re interested in reading the FOIA’d minutes from JRB and CDC meetings reviewing and approving the Maryville/Columbus TIF in 2010 check out the transcripts, now posted on the UCRD tumblr site:

    The JRB transcripts are interesting, particularly in terms of issues raised and dismissed during the TIF approval process. Note that TIF financing is being rushed thru before a particular project is in place or approved because of a supposed ‘deadline to close on a very expensive piece of land by July 2010.’

    The CDC transcript also contains testimony from former Alderman Schiller and hard hitting comments from another neighbor including this one:

    ‘There’s one person here who’s going to make out like a bandit, and that’s the people who are going to sell their property on this TIF. By the way they have never tried to rent the properties, and they’re claiming it’s vacant. They’ve never tried to sell the property, and they’re claiming it’s vacant. Yet they’re relying upon vacancy as the reason why the taxpayers should fork over $52 million for them in the TIF.’

    The sisters even turned down an offer to purchase the property for close to the current agreement about 2 years prior to the Sedgwick deal.

    Note: The TIF Report author and presenter is Mike Laube who’s a registered lobbyist for Sedgwick.

  53. Long time reader, 1st time poster. Howdy!

    @Just asking

    What document are you quoting when you say 'Reject the Developer completely'?

    Studying up on the issue, want to put that in context.