Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking News: Gas Leak At 4350 N Broadway

Be sure to avoid the area around the intersection of Broadway, Montrose and Sheridan as a gas leak has been reported at 4350 North Broadway. The building is being evacuated, and the CTA Red Line is shut down between Wilson and Addison.

Here is some additional information from the Chicago Tribune.

Update: The gas leak has been capped and people are being allowed back into the 4350 N. Broadway building. Good news.

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  1. I went Thanksgiving shopping right when this happened, and was amazed to watch multiple pedestrians walk right past the police cars with their lights flashing, ignoring police orders to stop, and right past the hole in the ground where People's Gas was fixing the leak, completely oblivious to the danger of being vaporized in a massive natural gas explosion.