Friday, November 25, 2011

Barging In

A reader sent in this photo of a barge with a crane in Lake Michigan, placing boulders along the lakefront path to repair it between Waveland and Montrose on Wednesday afternoon, November 23.

Ald. Cappleman recently sent out a newsletter item about the running path and the repairs:  "As some of you have noticed, the Chicago Department Of Transportation (CDOT) is working on temporary and permanent repairs to the running path on the east side of the Waveland Golf Course.  The current work on this path is a temporary repair.  They are barging large boulders to place against the eroded revetment in order to protect the land and path from additional erosion. 

The Army Corps of Engineers had rocks stored on one of their sites and they are using those to protect that portion of Lincoln Park from further damage.  [...]  We are asking that they reopen the running path after the temporary repairs are done because this is a key link on the running path.  The long term revetment repair is scheduled to begin in fall, 2012 and the construction time line for the permanent fix is two years."

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  1. I didn't know that part of the trail was eroded. Looking at it from Google Earth, I take it that next year they're going to redo the lakefront in that section like they have many other sections in that new concrete design? I'm also guessing that the stones they're putting there had come from previous erosion repair work. Glad to see some action though.