Friday, October 21, 2011

Pop-UPtown Art Exhibit Tonight

John Burks of Artist Central Exchange, in conjunction with Ald. Cappleman's office and Business Partners the Chamber for Uptown, is hosting a Pop-Up Art Gallery tonight, featuring Uptown artists.

"Three storefronts on Broadway.  Free refreshments.  We'll have DJs and breakdancers."  It all happens between 6-10pm, at 4664 N Broadway (next to Spoil Me Salon).  You can see the Facebook Invitation here.


  1. This is great, and exactly the kind of cultural activity I want to see in our community. Come to Uptown, see some art, hear some music, eat some food, drink some booze, maybe check out a condo while you are here.

  2. That is all great Uptownism...I agree...

    Would BUY some art actually make the top ten list? There are a lot of "market rate" types you would think they get it.

    I didn't have any art in the show, I checked it out. Not one single red dot sticker. That would indicate a sale and it kinda sorta looks like there wasn't one.

    Not a big surprise but is NOT how it happens to "keep it happening".

    If Uptown wants artists to do something for Uptown, then Uptown is going to have to do some thing for artists.

    Go Figure.