Saturday, October 8, 2011

Person "Seriously Wounded" In Buena Park Shooting

From the Tribune:
One person was seriously wounded in a shooting in the Buena Park neighborhood this evening, authorities said. The person, whose age and gender were not available from police or fire officials, was shot in the shoulder and chest in the 4100 block of North Clarendon Avenue about 7:22 p.m.
Read the whole story here. We don't recall anything much bad ever happening around this block, so it's a shock. Please post any additional information in the comments.

Update:  Some more details from Fox Chicago.


  1. There was some hispanic gang shooting/murder last night at Irving and Ashland.

    One half block west of the Clarendon location, Cuyler and Broadway, is the territory of the Cuyler Boys gang. They are affiliated with one of the larger hispanic gangs.

    I'm speculating that both shootings are likely related.

  2. To IPs post.. A couple of years ago there was a LOT of issues on Cuyler.. and if you remember, there was also a bullet hole found in the closed KFC site just a block or two away as it does have its history of ne'er do wells...

  3. There are plenty of vagrants that loiter outside that 7-11. I suspect they may be involved.

  4. IP is correct. Years ago, the basketball hoops were removed from behind the Disney school because of problems with gangbangers from those run down builings he referenced. Back in the 90s, the Tac cars would drive right onto the basketball courts and shake down the gangbangers. Drugs were sold there.

  5. I saw all kinds of police flying into the parking lot at the Disney School - I am assuming that is where the shooting took place.

  6. My husband and I were walking the dog down Clarendon, and turned down our street (Gordon Terrace) when we heard the shots. First time we have heard of anything like that since we moved here in Feb. Very unsettling.

  7. There is a large apartment building by Cuyler and Broadway that always has a bunch of Cuyler Boys gang members hanging out. Most of them live in that large apartment. I would not be surprised at all if they where the ones involved. It is a real same as this building is surrounded by condo`s and it surely is the sore thumb in the neighborhood.

  8. @americanlt: You have vagrants in everything you post. 99% of the homeless in Chicago would probably sell off a firearm to get a drug fix or to pay a month's rent in an SRO--and you keep seeing all the news items in the media and posts in UU (like the rest of us do)about the gun violence connected with gangs and drug dealers (mostly BOTH--who are never homeless because they take advantage of the Section 8 voucher system and also crash with their fellow bangers.

    You obviously have problems with homeless people, but you keep trying to connect them with gun violence--which is patently *absurd*. I challenge you to find ONE reference within the past 10 years to someone with an address at a homeless shelter or currency exchange who has been arrested in Uptown for a felony AND has simultaneously been in possession of a firearm. I "suspect" that you can't do it, but please, DO back up your "suspicions" that you post with something to back it up. Do we need to do something about the loitering around the neighborhood businesses? Sure. It's annoying, it drives away business, and many loiterers are unstable. But you do nothing constructive by constantly accusing the homeless of being responsible for all that ails Uptown--at the rate you're going, you'll be accusing them of being behind the Great Daley Parking Meter Fiasco, the opening of the Mini-WalMart on Broadway, the Afghan War, and the Watergate Scandal. Give it a rest.

  9. Bear,

    The homeless are totally behind the Afghan war and 9/11!!! Come on buddy! Get with the times! They were behind the Kennedy assassination too!

  10. This afternoon, I asked a woman walking her dogs by Disney if she knew where the shooting was. She was there last night when it happened!

    She said there were a bunch of Latino kids (no way to know if they were from Cuyler or not) hanging out on the concrete ex-basketball court area, teenagers on down to 5-year-olds. Three teens on bikes rode by, left, and came back. The shooting sounded like firecrackers to the dog walker. She said the kids (except the injured one) all walked away rather than waiting with their injured friend or waiting for the cops. One kid asked another dog walker if he could use his cell phone to call 911. Either none of the kids had a phone (?!?) or they didn't want their phone number recorded by 911.

    Scary. We've been over there at 6 or 7 in the evening while our kids play before. I'm astonished that the presence of both little kids and dog-walking witnesses didn't deter the shooter.

  11. Bear, it is the "broken windows" policy that New York adopted to reduce crime. Little crimes like vagrancy, public drinking, foul language, jay walking ect.. leads to bigger crimes. Does Lincoln Park allow the nonsense that goes on in Uptown?

  12. WISEGUY, I Agree, there are two large problem buildings at Cuyler and Broadway (across the street from each other). I've snooped around the buildings to see who manages them, but there aren't any signs posted. Does anyone out there know? I hope that BPN begins to focus their efforts on this sad stretch of Broadway. Between those two miserable buildings and the guys loitering across the street from U-Haul; it is the arm pit of an otherwise clean and peaceful neighborhood.

  13. The injured person is not gang affiliated.

    And to "WISEGUY": the apartment buildings on Cuyler were there long before the neighboring buildings were converted into condos. If you have a problem with the preexisting "sore thumb" of the neighborhood you chose to move into, take it up with the people who developed the condos next to it, or move out.

  14. New York had a separate strategy regarding homelessness from the "broken window" theory".

    It worked in Times Square for what its worth.

    Lincoln Park does in fact have crime by the way, more then ya might think......

    To lower the overall crime rate for the city NYC took the broken window theory city-wide. For us in Chicago that would mean the south and west sides. Easier said then done, they had more money to throw at the problem in NYC of the 90's.

  15. Ella,

    I don't know if the victim was gang affiliated, but I'm willing to bet the shooter was.

    As for those buildings on Cuyler being a problem they have been in the 20+ years I've been here. I guess we should just accept that and let them be.

    After all from your point of view the problem seems to be condo owners and their "standards". How dare they want neighbors who aren't members of gangs? How dare they want a safe neighborhood!! How dare they (insert choice phrase here).

    If the outside of those buildings is an indication of what the condition is inside I'm sure some city inspectors could find a few hundred issues for building code violations.

    Take the ownership to court and then see how quickly they try to get a less "gangy" type of tenant.

    Let it be written, let it be done!

  16. Ahhh, Ella, this is priceless advice. If you have a problem with the crappy gang bangers who live next door to your building, move out! Or, complain to the developers who were dumb enough to build a condo next to a "problem" building! I love this approach.

  17. New2town if there arent management signs up on the building that is a buiding code violation.

    Call in that building code violation to 311. That will atleast get them to put a sign up eventually. And also it would make sense to let the aldermens office know about it.

    I have called in several buildings in Rogers Park that are sans building management signs to 311.

  18. Ella, who are you? Seriously, what's your angle? You SEEM like you want the gangs to thrive and flourish. But even the most misguided social worker/social service provider wouldn't actually want that. So I'm curious; are you a drug addict? A "Gang Wife"? Why would you want to protect the status quo?

  19. Yeah if we all took Ella's advice then Chicago would remain a gangridden city. How dare anyone complain about anything predating their stay/existence in any neighborhood in Chicago!

    The first law of Chicago is you must not criticize anybody who has official neigbhorhood seniority over you. No matter what!!!

  20. @Ella... Are you kidding me?? Seriously??? I had to read it twice.. I am also curious to find out who you are. You probably reside in one of them buildings. Those buildings have been a thorn on that side of the neighborhood for many many years.. I am ready for a change UPTOWN.. Let's reintroduce them to our alderman to get the ball rolling..

    Ella time to move out..