Monday, October 3, 2011

An Announcement And An Endorsement From Tom Sharpe

Dear Friends,

It has been an honor to serve as the 46th Ward’s Democratic Committeeman over the last eight years. As you may know, Democratic primary voters in each ward in the City of Chicago elect a Democratic Committeeman every four years to represent them on party matters, to help support Democratic candidates, and to coordinate activities related to elections.

With your help, we have delivered strong victory margins to Democratic candidates in our ward and we have organized thousands of volunteers to participate in Democratic campaigns. For example, we worked with other northside ward organizations to bring over 4,000 volunteers to key states for President Obama’s primary and general election campaigns. We have hosted recent events featuring Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Earlier this year, we sponsored a compelling standing-room-only forum featuring the candidates for 46th ward Alderman, providing voters with an opportunity to interact with those who were seeking to lead our ward.

It has been a great eight years working with members of our strong 46th ward community. I feel that we have accomplished a lot and that the end of my current term (March of 2012) will be a good time to transition to new leadership. Though I will be working vigorously on Democratic Party matters during the remaining six months of my term, I will not be running for re-election as Democratic Committeeman. I am asking you to join me in supporting a good friend, Alderman James Cappleman, as our next Democratic Committeeman.

Prior to serving as 46th Ward Alderman, James was a teacher, a social worker and a community advocate who spent over a decade working to improve the 46th ward. He has been an active and committed Democrat, assisting excellent candidates such as Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. As Alderman, he has dedicated himself to fighting crime, expanding opportunities for local businesses and improving ward services. With extensive community input, he has created a 46th ward master plan which will help guide development in a way that benefits all members of the community. As Democratic Committeeman, James will represent our community well on Democratic Party matters.

James is currently circulating petitions so that he can be on the ballot for Committeeman in the March 20, 2012 Democratic Primary. Will you join me in gathering signatures for James? If so, please contact Lauren Peters at (312) 275-8683 / We would truly appreciate your help.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your Democratic Committeeman. Along with every member of our 46th Ward Democrats team, including our President Karen Boehning and incoming President Sean Tenner, I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to make our voices heard during the very important Democratic Primary on March 20, 2012.

Tom Sharpe
46th Ward Democratic Committeeman


  1. very important Democratic Primary on March 20, 2012.

    Yeah .. because it is so very difficult to get a Democrat elected .. in Chicago.

    Honestly, as soon as someone can make a qualified argument to justify the existence of a ward committee, I'll be happy to think about maybe possibly, some day, giving a sh*t about who's running the silly thing.

    Interesting, though, how Tom's opinion of James' qualifications has improved after backing Nowotny in the last election, and Helen in '07 .. and Richard Daley, and Todd Stroger, and Joe Berrios, and Rod Blagojevich ... and whatever clouted piece of crap came waddling down the pike

    With all due offense, Mr Sharp, please let the door hit you in the ass on your way out ... and hard, ya putz.

  2. Whaddya trying to say Yo? Were Todd and Rod not model civil servants?

    Don't hold do you really feel about Mr. Sharpe?


  3. It pains me to agree with "Yo", but Tom "Not So Sharp" Sharpe leaving office is hardly a loss to Uptown.

    Utilizing my amazing memory and the way back machine I bring this post on Sharpe from four years ago.

    The post is largely meaningless UNTIL some State Rep or County Commissioner needs to be replaced. The through weighted voting the various committeemen get to pick the next officeholder.

    In the 48th Ward they have perfected that process down to a science.

  4. Kudos to Yo for a pithy, irrefutable summary of Tom Sharpe and the Democratic machine in Chicago. I still shake my head in disgust every time Pat Quinn appears with another winning proposal to encourage more businesses to move to Indiana and Wisconsin. Quinn was once a "reformer" and maverick within "da organization." I'm afraid that Cappleman, like Quinn, will become yet another party functionary moving in lockstep with the rest of the machine at the public's expense.

  5. Isn't my friend Diane Shapiro still 46th Ward Republican Committeeman?

    AKA....Grand Old Party.

    I wonder if the Green Party has a Committeeman for the Ward.

  6. I'm afraid that Cappleman, like Quinn, will become yet another party functionary moving in lockstep with the rest of the machine at the public's expense.

    Not if he wants a second term.

    There is a bit of requisite bending when standing in the political winds; but, I've heard a few comments from James that lead me to believe he understands the difference between doing what's "right" for the party, and doing what's right for the people.

    I also think that he fully understands the overwhelming flood of negativity he'll encounter should he choose to go down the wrong path.

    FYI - Quinn was never a reformer. He's always been a hack who took on "da organization" as much as Cullerton, Madigan, Cellini and (to a much lessor extent) Daley allowed him to.

  7. James just became an alderman. He doesn't have time to be a committeeman. He has very serious problems to solve in Uptown such as drugs, gangs, shootings, infrastructure, education. Why not hold off on this? I say he prove himself a worthy public servant until the next aldermanic election. If he shows he can do his job, then talk about taking on outside political duties.

  8. It is a time-honored tradition in Chicago, though not quite so much in the 46th Ward, for elected Alderpersons to also hold the Democratic Ward Committeeperson spot. Such a choice can strengthen an Alderperson's political muscle, and I'm not suggesting that's always bad. On the other hand, it can also hamper an Alderperson wishing to keep a more independent position relative to even his/her own party. A Committeeperson, it seems to me, would be more expected to hold to party "doctrine" even if personally opposed to it. Perhaps in this post-Daley era that will be less so. At any rate, Chicago politics is never boring!