Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remembering September 11th In Uptown

From the newsletter of Uptown Business Partners:

"What I Saw" - Images from 9/11
10th Anniversary Photography Exhibit To Be Featured in Uptown

Opening Night Reception
Friday, September 9, 6pm to 10pm
4664 North Broadway (between Wilson and Lawrence)
Free to the public-refreshments - valet parking
Post reception gathering to follow

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Chicago native Rodney G. JeanBaptiste was walking towards Wall Street from his home in Chinatown when the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center less than a mile away. Racing back to his apartment, he grabbed his camera and began photographing the unfolding events. Traveling first on foot and then by rollerblades, JeanBaptiste covered several square miles of lower Manhattan over 6 1/2 hours - eventually reaching Ground Zero.

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, JeanBaptiste's photographs are a poignant testimony to this tragic day in America's history. The exhibit features 22 large scale prints and a large scale map of Lower Manhattan, detailing the location of where each photo was taken.  For media inquiries and gallery hours please e-mail:

From Treasures of Uptown's Facebook page:

September 11th Commemoration: The Golden Rule.  Join us as we commemorate the anniversary of September 11th with speakers from the Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds illuminating the significance of the Golden Rule in their faith.  Presentations will follow with discussion and reflection from the audience.
September 11th, 2-4 pm, Peoples Church of Chicago
Molly's Cafe, 3rd floor, 941 W Lawrence Ave

Or you can go hear the former alderman of the 46th Ward speak at "Helen Shiller: Memories of a Ward Organizer" at the Ten Cat Tavern beer garden, at 6pm on September 11.

Note that the name of the program has been changed from "Reflections on 30 Years as Alderman" (which is good... accuracy counts), but the wrong address for Ten Cat Tavern is still on the Portoluz website. For the record, it's located at 3931 N Ashland, just south of Irving Park.  One thing about us elistist, out-of-control, subpoena-receiving bloggers:  we know where our taverns are, even outside of Uptown.


  1. A tip of the hat to those organizing these commemorations. Thank you.

    Now, if anyone is on the fence and (oddly) curious if they should stop by the Ten Cat, lemme help you out.

    This is what you'll hear:

    Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. Political opponents. Efforts. Silver Bullet. *incoherent mumbling* Wilson Yard. Target. *incoherent rant* Efforts. Change. Diversity. *long empty pause* I. I. I. Alinsky. Alinsky. Alinksy. *incoherent mumbling* Fairness. Uplift. Political Opponents. Change. Housing. Social Justice. Political Opponents. *incoherent rambling* Improvements. Political Opponents. Unfair. Unfair. Unfair. *quiet whimper*

    Denise Davis will stand in ovation, contrasting the low murmur of polite applause.

    There. Now skip this and go to something that isn't a complete waste of your time.

    As for the Ten Cat ... granted, they are a business and free to host anyone they wish - and - I've often recommended them to others. Oh well ...

    And, honestly, how is anyone supposed to take an organization (which receives $ from the city) seriously with a name like "Portoluz"?


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  3. The 9-11 photographic exhibit was pretty breathtaking. An interesting way of re-living the events.