Monday, September 26, 2011

Community Alert

Funny how when there's a restaurant or bar around Clark and Carmen, the media is quick to call the area "Andersonville," but when there's a crime, it's "Uptown" all the way.

Please be careful and keep an eye out.  There was an attack and attempted sexual assault on the 1500 block of Carmen (between Clark and Ashland) early Sunday morning and the police have issued a community alert.  You can read it all here; this is a description of the attacker:

The man is described as white Hispanic, in his 30s, 5-feet-5 inches to 5-feet-8 inches, between 165 and 185 pounds with brown eyes, black hair and a light beard and mustache, police said.

He was last seen wearing a dark colored baseball hat, worn backwards with dark blue jeans, dark blue gym shoes and a white "sports team" type jacket and a tan colored messenger style bag with one shoulder strap, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (312) 744-8261.

Update:  Edgeville Buzz has a police sketch of the suspect.


  1. Lets face the facts. Crime does occure in Andersonville. I think the difference is if you walk down Clark and see all the shops, bars and restaurants that are really nice and then walk down the empty store fronts with all the low lifes hanging out in our Uptown, it automatically looks like a real ghetto area. Crime is commited and reported faster then a blink of the eye in that type neighborhood setting.

  2. "Funny how when there's a restaurant or bar around Clark and Carmen, the media is quick to call the area "Andersonville," but when there's a crime, it's "Uptown" all the way."

    My thoughts exactly. I actually looked up the boundary map and saw that it was squarely within Andersonville.

  3. Andersonville is an "overlay" neighborhood that straddles both official community areas of Uptown and Edgewater. So the area where the crime occurs is both in Andersonville and Uptown. It's just funny how when something is good and popular, the media refer to it as being in Andersonville; when it's crime, the media deem it to be in Uptown.

  4. The Trib story now lists it as Andersonville - even in the headline. So much for your no crime reported as Andersonville theory. (Technically, this did occur in the Uptown community area.),0,6131890.story

  5. Thanks for that enlightening response Edgewater Groupie.

    Fact is most outlets still say it is Uptown.

    Have you read TODAY's RedEye?

    Check Page 8, it notes that an alert was issued after this assault in UPTOWN. Heck, it says Uptown twice, no mention of Andersonville.

  6. ABC 7 news just called it Andersonville.

  7. Either way, who cares?

    Some sicko is out assaulting women so be alert and cautious whether your in Uptown, Andersonville, or....both.

  8. They identify by police district. Crimes that happen in Edgewater often get identified as Uptown or Rogers Park because the 20th and 26th district split at Hollywood.