Thursday, September 1, 2011

Caravan's Grand Opening Tonight

Photo credit:  Ric Addy
"Let’s take you on a trip to an ancient land.

The air is perfumed with exotic spices.

The nights, shrouded with mystery. Danger lurks in darkened alleyways. And strange music rings through the streets... we’re pretty sure it’s Gaga’s latest single.

Ah, yes: you’re in Uptown, and you’re about to have some fun.

Introducing Caravan, a bejeweled emporium of Persian food, strong cocktails and late-night escapades, slated to open Thursday."

So says the Urban Daddy blog, and the photo accompanying the article shows that Caravan has been making improvements ever since our photos ran a couple weeks ago.  Looking forward to seeing the "exotic side of Uptown" at 4810 N Broadway.   Read the entire Urban Daddy review here.


  1. I plan on crawling in to that Giant Green Bay Packers cheesehead real soon for a nice cocktail. Keep the businesses coming!

  2. With all the negative news lately, bring on the Caravan!

    If its great out of the gate, let's all spread the word. If it gets off to a rocky start, why not provide the owners a little feedback so that this Uptown business can survive and thrive in a very tough time.

    P.S. I went back to the streetside taco place at Wilson and Broadway and it was great.

  3. Is it just me or does Caravan's exterior look un-finished?

  4. @ QRBNST

    You gotta see it at night, changes colors.

  5. Littleton's is pretty slick.

  6. I was about to agree with GQRBNST's comment, but I'll have to take the advice of the others and look at night. Because it really does look unfinished.

  7. My husband and I swung by Caravan earlier today to be sure it was open on Sundays. The hours posted on the door said they open at 4pm on Sunday, but when we went back at 6:30pm they were closed. We ended up eating at Fat Cat instead.

    They could have easily had a sign on the door saying they would be closed today. I really wanted to try the place and support a new Uptown business, but I'm really disappointed. I can't stand businesses that can't be relied on to be open during their posted business hours. Hope they get better!