Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camping For The Kids

Uptown's got some dedicated parents!  Read about why they camp outside for a week, from the New York Times:

"Rebecca Tirado arrived six days early to enroll her 7-year-old twins at the People’s Music School. With a tent, an air mattress and a cooler stocked with Gatorade and yogurt, she and her husband were ready for an extended sidewalk stakeout.

Space is limited at the Uptown school, which since 1975 has offered free after-school music education to children from low-income families. Last summer some parents camped outside for four days to register their children in the first-come first-served program. By lining up six days before the Aug. 27 registration, Ms. Tirado, 42, thought she was playing it safe."

Read the entire article here.


  1. I've lived on Eastwood for three years and it always makes me happy when the time comes for the People's Music School enrollment. There's such a good vibe in the air and all the families seem to be having fun on their camp out. And I think it only rained once this year!

  2. I live across the street on Eastwood from there and think it is a great thing. I just don't think it is very fair that you have to camp out to recieve this benefit. Most lower income people would not be able to miss work to do this and takes away from the cause. There should be a lottery for lower income people that are residents of the area. Just because your parent can take off of work for several days, shouldn't ensure you a spot. Judging by the amount of Ipads and other expensive PED's I saw out this past week, I would say a lot of these people may not be lower income. Just doesn't seem fair to the people this is trying to benefit.