Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beat 2311 CAPS Meeting To Address Recent Shootings/Gang Violence

A reminder that Tuesday night's CAPS meeting will address the recent violence and gunfire Uptown has been experiencing in the past few weeks.  Ald. Cappleman's statement last week said:
"Commander Kathy Boehmer from the 23rd Police District, Board President of Truman College Reagan Romali, and I will all be attending the Beat 2311 CAPS meeting at Truman College on Tuesday, September 6 from 7pm-8pm.  We will update you with what we know, lay out measurable action plans to reduce gang violence, and invite you to come up with ideas of what we can all do together to make this neighborhood safer for everyone."
Graceland Wilson block club (GWNA) and Clarendon Park block club (CPNA) particularly encourage their members and residents in their boundaries to attend, as much of the ongoing violence has to do with turf disputes between the gangbangers who somehow feel they have a right to "claim" each neighborhood for their gang.

GWNA adds: "Gangs thrive in disconnected communities! Come to CAPS tonight with suggestions on how we work together for a safe community. Get or remain active in your block club, no matter where you live. If you live or have a business within the GWNA boundaries (Broadway to Malden, Montrose to Wilson) and can't make the meeting, sign up for the block club: Gwna13@gmail.com."

CPNA can be reached at cpnassoc@gmail.com.


  1. Good showing tonight, It was eye opening to see the mom, who lost her son in attendance.

    The police do a a great job of bringing the facts, however we all need to get better at calling. I do agree with the man who at the end spoke to the alderman about keeping our beat cars in the area.

    If the cops are here it will help with the problems. As for the master plan, I would call it a plan, nothing to master about it at all. Cape man is really out of his league and needs to become tougher quick.

  2. Chambo, I think you're confusing the role of the alderman with the role of the police commander. I don't want any alderman to take over the role of the police commander.

  3. Holy

    Isn't the aldermans job to worry about our area? At the end of their shift, do you really think the Leo's still think about Uptown?

    The sad part is it really is the aldermans job. He campaigned that he was going to eliminate crime. Do you really think showing art is going to deter gain activity?

    I am wling to give him a chance but so far his solution is eyes on the street. Yes it's a start but the real need is to move the gangs out of here. I don't see a really plan for that, landlords own properties to turn a profit. If rent is paid monthly they really don't care who is in their building. He even says if the first thing doesn't work we will reevaluate.

    How about being tough from day 1.

  4. Chambo,

    Where does this idea that an Alderman has the power to simply ship out the neighborhoods low income SRO, Sec 8, shelter, etc residents come from?

    Going after bad landlords sounds great but it is going to take decades to clean out the glut of garbage. The tools to do it quicker just don't exist. Scratch that, they did exist but disappeared when the housing bubble burst.

    Anyways, you can't just run daily sweeps through thousands of units, knocking on doors to see if bangers are crashing with their grandmas.

  5. Chambo, just like the young man who stood up at the meeting last night (was that you, btw? If not, your soulmate), you don't want answers or explanations, you just want to stand up and make your point. Listening? That's for wusses!!

    You've done a fine job of creating a straw man.

    First of all, neither Cappleman nor any of the candidates campaigned that they would eliminate crime and get the gangs out of Uptown. They would be fools if they had. (I have all the campaign literature I received during the election and run-off and I'm sure I can look it up and see if anyone promised to eliminate crime and gangs.)

    If you had gone to any of the previous gang awareness seminars, as I'm sure Cappleman did, you would have heard the gang experts say over and over that there is not a single neighborhood in Chicago that doesn't have gangs. Of course, that would have involved listening and learning.

    The thing Cappleman did say during the campaign was that an alderman could bring the various factions in the ward together to talk and solve problems. He's doing that. From those discussions come solutions.

    You are a malcontent about Sedgwick, and you just love to blame Cappleman and Wyman for your dream corporation not coming in and building sky towers. That's the only time I've ever seen you post here, is to attack Wyman and Cappleman. Hmmm, one trick pony?

    Well, little buckaroo, no matter how many times you post that they are puppetmasters, or that Cappleman's not "tough enough," it doesn't make it so.

    Perhaps your idea of "tough" is -- like the young man last night -- the alderman grabbing the police radio and screaming into it that beat cars should return to their beats (no matter that the police assigned them wherever they are).

    Perhaps your idea of "tough" is illegally evicting people from their homes without due process (that just happened in Lakeview, and now lawyers and the city and tenant organizations are involved).

    Perhaps it feels really good to you support a candidate who jumps in and makes a lot of noise and holds press conferences and talks really really forcefully. That may be "tough" to you. You know, John Wayne. Draaaaammmmmaaaaaaa.

    What's "tough" to me is figuring out what's wrong, then going in and working with the people who can do something about it. It's legal, and it lasts. It may not be high draaaammma, so you won't like it. It may not involve sound bites. It may not make the news. But it is what will solve our problems.

    Now, before you make something else up about what happened during the campaign and what happened last night, can you please point out to me where Cappleman said he would elminate gangs and crime?

  6. How many other new Alderman have ever put together as detailed a plan involving as many ward residents as Mr. Capleman did in his first 90 days in office? You may not agree with it Chambo which is fine, it is a fluid document. Feel free to stop by his office and share your new ideas that were not included. But until you start to particpate in developing plans for the ward like many of your neighbors do, just quietly enjoy all the work the rest of us are doing to help our elected officals make a difference.

  7. @ Uptown Veg.

    I have asked and so havent a few others, but no one ever got back in touch. I would love to get involved, but it appears he only wants to have his group involved. I will agree, he has put together something, which is better than most. However isnt the point of feedback to see how it can get better?

  8. Chambo, I understand not everyone who wanted to be on a task force was selected. Your understanding of what aldermen and commanders should be doing tells me that you wouldn't have been a good fit for the task force.