Monday, August 22, 2011

Would You Like A Coffee With Your Haircut?

Looks like the loooooong vacant storefront on the SE corner of Wilson and Magnolia (1217 W. Wilson) will finally be seeing a tenant. We first heard of plans to open a salon in this space back in February but it looks like there have been some tweaks to the original plan. According to the new building permit in the window, a coffee shop is now being added to the beauty salon plans. Interesting. Isn't there a well-known coffee shop just across the street already?


  1. Forget about the number of coffee shops many beauty salons does this neighborhood need?

    I think I saw a permit for another nail/beauty salon half a block away on Wilson, across the street from the insurance office just a few months ago.

  2. This is nothing new. "Upscale" salons have been brewing gourmet coffee, offering complimentary wine, and serving fancy pastries to their clientele for some time now. It's all about "creating a mood" that will put the customer in a peaceful, positive frame of mind while getting her hair/nails/face attended to.

  3. Hey perfect for positive loitering in the winter. I think that area is dense enough to support both coffee shops/accesory offices/hangout space.

    There is a big void in Uptown with the closing of Borders in that area. Plus I think there are those that are starbuck addicts but plenty of independent minded coffee shop folks as well.

    Look how many coffee shops are in Lakeview, especially on broadway
    you have a starbucks/caribou coffee
    and the coffee and tea exchange.

    Dense areas can support and need alot of good coffee shops. You shop/walk/drink coffee/study/etc....