Monday, August 22, 2011

Woman Falls, Dies At 4310 N Sheridan

From the Sun-Times:
"A 22-year-old Addison woman attending a party on the North Side early Sunday died after she fell while trying to climb to the building’s roof.

Patrycja Wiszkowska, 22, of 521 Veterans Pkwy. died after falling from the ladder at 4310 N. Sheridan Rd. ... The incident occurred at 4:55 a.m. Sunday in the 4300 block of North Sheridan Road."
Condolences to her friends and family.


  1. I live in this building. A friend awoke hearing the impact of the fall. Other friends of mine were awakened by screaming immediately following the accident. Her body rested there for a little over two hours before being moved.

    It is a terrible loss of someone so young visiting our city. Many thoughts to her family and friends for their loss.

  2. Two hours????? Reminds me of the infamous case in New York in the 60's, when a woman was being stabbed to death while neighbors did nothing; upon questioning, some said they "didn't want to get involved," others said they thought someone else was getting involved so they didn't have to.

    Did they at least put a "memorial display" in front of the building?

    My sympathies to the victim's family; may they find peace.

  3. How tall is that building?
    In the article it shows the ladder and says that it already was blocked with plywood.

    Whats up? Was it blocked with plywood when she tried to climb it?
    That looks pretty dangerous even if it was in perfect working order.

    Tragic to be sure, but very poor judgement.

    I dont understand how this is like not helping someone who is being stabbed, unless someone could have stopped her from climbing up, because after she fell that was it.

  4. @Gayle, that new york case was debunked in SuperFreakonomics

  5. It's not that she suffered for two hours and no one called the cops (a la Kitty Genovese). Her body was there for two hours while the police did a death scene investigation. Apples and oranges.

  6. Yes but thata New York case was just exaggerated; there were still a number of neighbors who failed to call 911 IMMEDIATELY, which we all should be doing here in Uptown! And the 'bystander effect' is still something people are dealing with. A man was stabbed in NYC and left for dead as passersby walked past him.....something that could easily happen in uptown as well.

  7. @gayle that two hours included getting the medical examiner out to the site to determine a preliminary cause of death and evaluate the scene. Nicholas didn't say the body rested for two hours before the authorities arrived.