Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wellness On The Move?

A reader noticed that the sign for At Ease Wellness Center, on Broadway just north of Montrose, has been taken down and a "For Lease" sign put up.  We will particularly miss the beautiful flowers and plants that adorned both sides of the storefront there (both on Broadway and on Sheridan), and the care and cleaning that the staff gave the surrounding sidewalks each day.  The Facebook page mentions that they have relocated, but doesn't say where -- anyone know?


  1. They are moving to the space of the former dry cleaner in the strip mall at Clark and Montrose.

  2. I never could understand this place. I have walked by it almost daily for years and it never seemed open and I never really saw anyone coming or going. I also remember something about the chiropractor/owner there facing some pretty serious accusations of impropriety to say the least, but don't know what ever came of it.

    It was an attractive store front though.