Friday, August 12, 2011

Here's Something We Didn't Think We'd See Again...

... gas within the city limits under four bucks a gallon.

It's at Citgo, at Clark and Belle Plaine.



  1. That's not Citgo! The old Citgo at Clark and Irving is now a Shell, but the one with great gas prices looks to be an indie. They charged $4.129 last week when everyone else in the area was charging $4.299 a gallon. Good to see prices dropping further!

  2. I *heart* Chavez. But if you are car-free, you don't have to worry about things like gas prices. :)

  3. I've talked to these guys right around when they made the ownership change.

    They say they will always be about $.10 cheaper than those in the area.

    I only get my gas here.. and the Mobil north of Howard and Clark.

  4. Yes, little by little gas prices are coming down. But - as anyone who spends time in the south suburban areas knows - the cheapest gas anywhere anytime (including the past few months) can be found at the Thornton's facilities. Too bad they haven't established a beach-head north or the "Ike" yet.