Friday, August 19, 2011

Update On "Operation Uptown Girl"

Some very welcome news from Ald. Osterman's weekly newsletter:

"Only one month after the drug and gang sting “Operation Uptown Girl” carried out by the Chicago Police Department, 11 of the 29 offenders apprehended for selling narcotics have already plead guilty and will begin serving prison sentences ranging from two to six years. We will continue to work with the police as well as the State's Attorney's Office to track the court cases for the additional offenders arrested as result of this sting, ensuring that they are off the street for as long as possible, and that a message is sent to other potential offenders in the area. I want to again commend those officers involved in "Operation Uptown Girl" as well as those community members that worked, and continue to work tirelessly to address safety concerns in the Uptown area."

A police officer explained to us a little more about the name of the operation, which led to many of us humming Billy Joel hits.  On the street, "Boy" is heroin and "Girl" is cocaine.  Hence, Uptown "Girl."


  1. Kudos to this operation. We need to rid the streets of 'girl' and 'boy' sellers, and those pesky GUNS which are no doubt linked.

  2. Now that "Sugar Magnolia" and "Uptown Girl" have been used, can we brainstorm some pop-culturally catchy Code Names, so that the 23rd doesn't stop policing us for lack of a cool code name?

    (Not implying that they would, but CYA, I always say)

    Steel Magnolias? Too close to one used? Might work for a gun bust.