Friday, August 19, 2011

Save Clarendon Park

UNC (Uptown Neighborhood Council) sent in the following information regarding Clarendon Park):

Save Clarendon Park Fieldhouse Petition—Sign it today

Are there any crumbs left from the $112 million collected in the Wilson Yard TIF piggy bank?

We know for sure $3.5 million is sitting in the bank. Maybe more.

This TIF money was earmarked in a closed-door deal for Uplift HS to build a green lobby.

The money is still sitting in the bank.

We believe this money should go to save the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse before it’s too late.

Our park has been neglected for decades. You can help change that today by signing and forwarding this petition,

Imagine Uptown with a beautiful park and renovated fieldhouse that serves the 5000 residents and families who live nearby.

Imagine that…

1 comment:

  1. Having left Uptown 2 years agoo, I was back for a lakefront bike ride last week. I was shocked at the condition and blight of the old Maryville property. Uptown can't seem to get a leg up. While the field house should be restored, it's sitting next to a what looks like an abandoned low income housing project.