Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top Uptown Bars & Restaurants?

Photo courtesy Metromix
Metromix is running a feature on "Top Chicago Bars and Restaurants by Neighborhood" and this is what they came up with for Uptown. Visit the original article here for the hyperlinks to each establishment:

  • For contemporary Indian: Marigold (pictured)
  • For retro cocktailing: Fat Cat
  • For brunch: Tweet
  • For game-watching with the boys: Crew Bar & Grill
  • For Filipino cuisine: Fish Pond
  • For authentic Mexican: Tolotzin
  • For palomas: Fiesta Mexicana
  • For African eats: Iyanze
  • For karaoke: Holiday Club
  • For live jazz: Green Mill

Agree?  Disagree?  Put your feelings in the comments.


  1. Man, what is it with Shan not getting recognition ever!? Have to say as a LOVER obsessed with Indian cuisine, who wants "contemporary" or Americanized Indian? Indian by itself is amazing and Shan has the best Indian in Uptown area outside of Devon.

    Check out their buffet, pretty sure it is 7 days a week or they have to-go buffet by the pound(like Whole Foods). The Mutter Paneer, aloo dosas, aloo paneer and veg biryani is to die for.

  2. For contemporary American: Magnolia Cafe

  3. How about Chinese food? Anybody know of a good place locally?

  4. For Thai: Siam Noodle
    For Pho: Tank Noodle
    For Banh mi: Ba Le

    Plenty of other good neighborhood options (fontana, mi ranchito, tiztal, demera, etc.), but the above are city-wide standouts.

  5. Fiesta Mexicana is the WORST.

    Best dive bar: Driftwood (plus, you can take your dog!)
    Best patio: Fontana

  6. Ceres' Table? Great contemporary American. Maybe we should have a Ramsey style best restaurant competition?

  7. Ceres' Table is great, probably best overall restaurant in Uptown.

    As for Mexican, i think it's all pretty mediocre to poor in Uptown and pales in comparison to the south/west sides or even Lawrence further west.

    Shan Restuarant doesn't get enough love and does great authentic indo/pak food.

  8. Best coffeehouse/cafe:
    Chav'a......Clark and Leland....5 star Barista service.

    Best restaurant on a side street:
    Cousins on Leland...tasty food...great price

    Best Tacos To Go:
    Carmela's.......On Lawrence behind the Green Mill

    Personal all-round favorite: Ba Le.....

    @ Rob Ross
    Ramsey style competition? Whats that?

    I heard the bartender at Ceres' is all thumbs......jus' kiddin' man! Ate there once its great.....

  9. Pho 777 kinda spanks Tank. Not it does fo sho. And Alek, La Ciudad is phenomenal Mexican. The mole is omg, amazing, homemade horchata and empanadas. Just amazing. I love Dollop or Citizen Skate for coffee. And Beers, the B.O.B or Hopleaf. Demera is the best Ethiopian I have had. And I am totally stoked about Rokito's, house made roasted tomato salsa and hot sauce???

  10. Living near Montrose/Clark, I'd like to give a shout out to Anna Maria Pasteria.
    And Thai Pastry on B'way is a fave.

  11. Alma Pita!!! Best pitas ever and awesome curry dishes!

    And always a kind word from Miss Alma!

  12. Oddly enough, Alma Pita has the best turkey burger I've ever had. Not that I don't enjoy the Mediterranean food, but the turkey burger is outstanding.

  13. @J'Lil

    Gordon Ramsay is a chef and has this show where he pits two top restaurants against each other. First, he trucks in 30 diners all at once to stress test the place. Then, he sends in a secret shopper with a spy cam. Etc. etc.

  14. How can this list of 'Top Restaurants' not include 'dib' on Lawrence!?; great food & service.