Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The President In Uptown

You guys are good!  We never dreamed we'd see the Leader of the Free World cruising by Dib or S&L Pantry, but... there he was, captured by readers' cameras.

First, this awesome video was posted to our Facebook page, along with some other great on-the-scene shots:

Then, a few feet down the street, another reader got the following extreme close-ups of the Presidential limo.

Incidentally, the last vehicle to go by in the motorcade (approximately 1:10 on the video) had an open rear hatch, and there was a fully armed serviceman wearing a very alert and intimidating expression riding there. It was a sobering sight, but he got some cheers from the crowd anyway.

The President was in the second limo with flags, and was sitting on the passenger side, so people on the north side of the street got a better look.

A thrilling day for Uptown.  Happy Birthday, Mr. President.


  1. A fairly lengthy discussion of the President's Aragon visit appears in the Chicago Tribune online tonight:

    Obama Tries to Turn Page

    The Trib's lukewarm treatment of the President almost matches their downright dismissive brief treatment of the Aragon ("dimly lit warm and sticky").

    Nicer coverage by UU than the Trib. About the only nice thing about the Trib article was how it ended -- our new mayor landing a nice rhetorical mitt on the chin of another Mitt... Romney. Well done, sir.

  2. It's too bad the Prez didn't stop at S and L Pantry for some twinkies and a 12 pack of Pepsi with an orange Jewel sticker on the box.

    Perhaps one of the local drug dealers would have asked him if he was "straight"*.

    *Straight in this sense would be inquiring whether he wanted to purchase some illegal mind altering substances.