Saturday, August 6, 2011

No More Golden Opportunities

Not sure how long the business has been gone, but noticed yesterday that "Cash 4 Gold" on Broadway just north of Irving Park is kaput.

Passersby and local businesses complained about the aggressive techniques of their sign-holders at that intersection and blamed them for driving clients away.  Not sure if that's true, or if the business climate proved that the end of the rainbow was actually empty, but we can't say we're unhappy to see them leave.

From the Shilleresque window signage, it looks like Royal Flesh next door has taken over the space.


  1. They surely won`t be missed by me and many others. I been told they where buying gold from gangs that took it off people they robbed in the area. Royal Flesh is a great spot to be inked and their prices are much more fair then others I have been to in the area. Good luck Royal Flesh in your expansion.

  2. This is what is planned for the space.

    Your Welcome, JL

  3. With the soaring price of gold, the owners probably retired on a beach somewhere.