Friday, August 5, 2011

Late Night Pizza Cravings?

We couldn't help but notice that Papa Ray's window now says (in red neon letters) that it's open until 2am. So if you're in the mood for wings or 'za in the wee hours, give 'em a call (773-754-0394) or order online. Because we are cheap and poor, we'll pass along that if you place the order online, they waive the delivery fee.

The Papa Ray's website doesn't yet reflect the change in hours, but it's kind of hard to argue with foot-high glowing red letters, right?


  1. Their monster slice is huge (like 1/2 a pizza) and a great deal with a can of soda. It is pretty tasty too!

  2. John, one of the brothers who owns it, is usually behind the counter. The pizza is pretty good if you want some late night pizza (i like wood fire type for kind of "real dinner" food), but it's consistent, and very quick - it's usually ready within 20 minutes, and since i'm within a few blocks, I can walk out the door, and it will almost be ready when I arrive. great when you can call from the L and pick up on the way home, and just had one of those days.

  3. Anybody else see that picture and think for a second that they were advertising "Pizza and Winos"?