Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association Needs Board Members

CPNA is in danger of closing down due to a tepid response to the call for new board members. From an email Tuesday:

"We announced at last week's CPNA meeting at The Dock, that our board is resigning and we are opening up the nomination process in the hopes that neighbors will step in and take over the organization.  Our board has been in place for over 4 years and was never intended to stand this long.  The main reason why we stayed as long as we did was because we felt a responsibility to the community to shepherd the Sedgwick development proposal to its conclusion.  We feel we have done our part to inform the community of what is at stake and provide leadership on the issue as best we could.

Obviously, we all feel strongly about the development of the Maryville site and the current CPNA board reiterates it's hope that the site is developed by a reputable developer in the near future.  We know other developers have contacted the Alderman's office regarding their interest.

So far, our attempts to recruit new board members has been met with little interest or commitment.  We hope that changes, but if it does not, the organization will cease to exist as of November 1st, and the proceeds in our bank account will be donated to a charity(ies) of our choosing.

Each of the board members, Amy Levin, Alan Donnelly, and John Wyman will continue to assist the organization as enthusiastic volunteers.  Amy Levin is likely willing to continue in her role as CAPS beat facilitator, and John Wyman is willing to remain in charge of the Dog Park, Clarendon Bark. 

Please respond to this email address if you are willing to nominate yourself.  The next meeting will be in early November. 

We hope the traditions we have started - Block Parties, Neighborhood Clean-ups, Positive Loitering initiatives can continue.  We also hope some new initiative - a CPNA Tots and Babies group, starting a Bad Buildings List in conjunction w/ UCC, etc. will continue to evolve into great neighborhood resources."

Interested?  Contact CPNA at

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  1. That would be unfortunate for all of Uptown. But the truth is that the volunteering of time needs to be shared for a community group to survive. That does not always happen and I can hardly blame those that have been doing it for years looking for extra help. We are all better off because of the dedication that Clarendon Park Neighbors showed to the Maryville Property. I fear God knows what would have been built there with the former Alderman leaving office if they had not continued to share ALL the info with the community. I hope a few people who live in that area can help out. If you live around the Maryville property and have opinions on what you want there this would be a great way to make sure you voice is heard.