Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caravan Opens (Softly)

Ric Addy of Shake Rattle and Read wrote on Thursday night to say:  "Just to let you know that Caravan (4810 N Broadway) opened up today next to my bookshop and will be open until 2am. It is open just as a bar until there's a Grand Opening around the 24th of this month. Nick the bartender seemed like a nice guy."

Take a look at the interior photos Ric sent us. Looks like the bar changes color along with the sign on the outside.


  1. With that decor I'd say they opened "loudly".

  2. Looks like something out of the Jetsons.

    Or a nightmare after spending too much time in design NOT within REACH.

    Atleast its different.

  3. Wow....its beautiful! It looks a little outta my budget but very impressive.

    Welcome to Uptown Caravan!

  4. Caravan is a very beautiful new establishment just opened. Everything is of excellent quality and I hope everyone would want it to succeed.

    I spoke to the bartended and he said the city says they can't have live music or even a dj. Why? He doesn't know.

    All bars in Chicago that have live music must have a entertainment license. That way live music is made as difficult as possible and it gives jobs to people who enforce these meaningless regulations.

    Now here's a no brainer for James Cappleman. He can try to be of help if he hasn't already.

    Getting a liquor liscence in Chicago traditionally has required a bribe. Now it's entertainment liscenses.

    One of the things that's wrong with this city is that of course it's largely bribe based or who you know.

    People should support this place. It's very interesting, comfortable and presents a unique presence.

    With live music it adds a dimension to the Green Mill.

    It creates the potential for a musical strip which is allegedly what Rahm Emmanuel wants entertainment disttict in Uptown...but someone or something is preventing this from it the Green Mill?...Is it some bureacrat?

    Where's Cappleman on this?

  5. Where's Cappleman on this, you ask?

    Stu, you need to learn your ward boundaries.

    Cappleman is doing what he can for businesses in the 46th Ward.

    Caravan is located in the 48th Ward.

    If you want to hold someone's feet to the fire, start writing to Harry Osterman.

  6. @ Stu P.....

    I dunno what the "bartended" may or may not have said but....that is crazy!

    It is going to be a restaurant too....and a bar.

    I don't know any more then the rest of ya but it don't look like a lot of room for the DJ or a band...that would be an odd fit. I could see a belly-dancer passing thru...who knows? A DJ didn't help the last establishment much safe to say.

    As far as bribing the Alderman...Osterman, and Cappleman for that matter seem pretty straight-laced to me...I wouldn't recommend trying it.

    The biggest hurdle to an entertainment license would be neighborhood opposition, not much of it on that block.

    I share your opinion on that place is beautiful. And it sounds like the bartender don't skimp on the those drinks eh?

  7. love the 'euro retro' look.

    Littleton, maybe you could paint a mural on the sidewalk?

  8. Everyone knows that a bribe or influence is needed to get a liquor license promptly. It isn't through an alderman. It's through the people who hand out the license or a middleman. Everyone know that who has lived in the city and ever know or been a bar owner.

    The stories are legendary.


    There is plenty of room for live music in Caravan. I looked. You just shift some tables around and it is their intention to have it.

    THere is a DJ space already built in on the left across from the bar. They won't be serving food until September.

    It's very important for this place to succeed...otherwise you have 0 to negative growth in Uptown.

    THe city makes it very hard for anyone to do business. The entertainment license is a joke. Why should anyone who employs live musicians have to pay to do that? It's B.S. And it's very difficult to get a live entertainment license and expensive too. So it discourages live music. The DJ's are a pathetic group of people without any real skill who spin records and even they are under the umbrella of the entertainment license.

    If Rahm really were interested in making Uptown a entertainment district he could make it easier for that to happen by eliminating some of these requirements.

    Then you have the morons from BMI and ASCAP who wander around the city going to bars and charging bars for having live music as well, for groups that perform any song that's been recorded and isn't original.

    Art in Chicago is being attacked by the City and awful Music industry corporations.

  9. Stu...

    You said, "It's very important for this place to succeed..."

    Agreed, but despite the world economic woes there many are other signs of growth in Uptown besides Caravan.

    Here are a few that might surprise people:

    Magnolia Cafe - Just expanded, with a new party room

    The Dock at Montrose Beach - According to the owners in this video, thier first season was more successful than they ever imagined.

    Blue Ocean - The second major upscale sushi restaurant, with agami being the first.

    Rokito's Mexican Street Side Kitchen

    The Purple Cow Ice Cream Cafe

    BaLe Bakery's New and Expanded Location

    ... etc. etc. etc.

    If only the world economy could experience some of what Uptown is going through now...

    It's no wonder President Obama held his birthday party here. It' one of the few economic bright spots in the US, especially since Uptown is in his "home town" of Chicago.

  10. @ Starck M.

    That sounds've given me an idea...what if it was just a temporary chalkPastel drawing of the Caravan Facade as seen reflecting off of water...can ya see it.....viewed from an angle maybe?

    Painting a sidewalk is do-able but dicey....

    @ Stu Piddy

    I hope its not that bad still...

    I agree the City shouldn't be tapping the arts for licensing fees. They should be encouraging more art for the money it generates. The arts sure do generate business otherwise all of these smart and knowing people wouldn't be talkin' about an Uptown Music District in da first place.
    I guess my belly dancer suggestion is off the table for now.......

    @ Zesty Mari,

    That is actually a great rundown....and all recently. I didn't know about Magnolia expanding, are they taking over the single storefront next door to the east?

    The one that has had those musty looking velvet curtains for the last few years......

    Great addition and discussion, I gotta check Caravan out if only for a beer.