Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Storms

The skies over Uptown (and many other parts of the Chicagoland area) turned dark this morning, and powerful winds and torrential rains swept in. A reader sent in the picture above, as it appears the storms were too powerful for one of the windows at Sheridan Plaza at the northeast corner of Sheridan and Wilson. Kudos to building management for immediately cleaning up the glass before someone was injured.

Please let us know if you see any other damage from this morning's storms.  UU Note:  We hear that some of the scaffolding blew off Lawrence House.

Update:  Abby from the 46th Ward Service Office says:  "I'm from Alderman Cappleman's office, and I would like to ask you to remind people to call 311 or the Alderman's office with reports of storm damage. Our office phone # is 773-878-4646."

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  1. The scaffolding at 4343 North Clarendon fell off the south end of the bldg. and wrecked cars in the surrounding areas.