Monday, July 11, 2011

Rib Fest 2011

As we begin the work week, we here at Uptown Update are already daydreaming about ribs and beer and music, oh my!

Good thing the Windy City Ribfest is THIS WEEKEND!

This morning when we checked out the Special Events Management page for Rib Fest, we found a lot of great information including a list of rib vendors (7 in total) and a schedule for music:

5:45pm - How Far to Austin
8:00pm - Cowboy Mouth

12:15pm - Stevie G
2:00pm - Rubber
5:00pm - JT & The Clouds
6:30pm - Mr. Blotto
8:30pm - Rusted Root

12:15pm - Our Name is Jonas
2:15pm - Blah Blah Blah
3:45pm - The Personnel
5:15pm - Dot Dot Dot
7:30pm - Georgie Porgie & Linda Clifford


  1. Are there going to be any local Uptown vendors there this year? I'm hoping Cupcake Gallery has a spot.

  2. There will be a meet your school events, where festival attendees will have the opportunity to meet representatives from 46th ward schools.

  3. There are no local vendors.

    It's a Chain Festival. Makes no sense. There's no idea here. Who runs the chamber of commerce? Are they asleep. Uptown Festival could be really interesting promoting history of film here, dancing, big bands, Billie Holliday sang at the Green Mill, all the rock bands from the 70's when people knew how to play their instruments who played at the Kinetic Playground, the Aragon and the Riviera...

    Now it's a Jonas Brothers cover band?

    This is the equivalent of bringing the suburbs to Uptown in terms of music and food.

    Nobody from the Green Mill is playing and anybody who plays there is certainly recognized as more accomplished than any of the Acts on the bill....