Monday, July 18, 2011

Stick It

If you haven't bought or attached your 2011 city sticker, don't park on the streets of Uptown.  There are CDOT trucks and workers in yellow vests patrolling the parked cars in search of empty windshields upon which to place tasty and expensive violation tickets.  Just a friendly warning....


  1. I surely hate to pay each year for a city sticker that seems to grow in cost every year. They even come into our private garage to check for city and state license stickers. I welcome the CDOT and anyone who does not have the proper stickers as required and they deserve a ticket and a boot to teach them to buy what we all have to buy or don`t drive at all.

  2. "education is key" .... No sh*t, really! Bought mine on Friday at 11:50PM -just made it.

  3. I don't think they are allowed to ticket your car in your private lot. A CDOT empolyee ticketed my work van while it was parked in my carport (I was waiting for a replacement) an I contested the ticket and won. I would think that if it is parked in a residence, it would be illegal to ticket. What if you didn't have the money to buy the sticker yet?

  4. If you park in a garage or lot that allows public parking (a la a large condo building), the city has the right to come in and inspect for sticker compliance. I was ticketed last year and couldn't believe this was permissable, but it is.

  5. The city is going to write a ticket for any vehicle in city limits with an Illinois plate that isn't dispalying a sticker.


    Matters not where the vehicle is parked - or even if the car isn't registered in the city.

    The city's mentality is that they would rather write a ticket and either have you forget about it (and rack up all sorts of fees - which is their preference), or have you contest it.

    Also - the vehicle doesn't need to be parked, the cops can (and will) ticket it if they don't see the sticker, and can get your plate number.

    If there's one thing that the city is good at, it is seperating you from your money so that they can use it for ... um. Uh.

    Just get a sticker. Save yourself the hassle is really what I'm trying to say.

  6. I was attempting to drive around Ribfest on Saturday by going down a sidestreet. I saw a police van going car to car to make sure everyone had the appropriate stickers. The only thing worse than paying the $ for a sticker is getting a ticket FIRST then having to pay that, late fees AND then get the sticker anyways. But as I buy mine each year I am glad they enforce the rule for everyone else.

  7. You have to do it.

    Those ugly (sorry) city stickers, AND don't forget those pesky license plate stickers too.

    Both are ticket magnets if you don't comply.

    (gee, as if I didn't have enough stress worrying about having my windows shot out with a BB gun!)

  8. So with all the vehicles that will probably be ticketed for not having a sticker, along with the late fees, along with the cost of the sticker itself, they should be able to solve the city budget deficit, no?

  9. BTW just because you have out of state plates does not exempt you from a city sticker if you reside in the city. I had tenants that moved temporarily here from Washington and they were required to have the city sticker even though their plates we not from ILL.

  10. just because you have out of state plates does not exempt you from a city sticker if you reside in the city

    That's just some buls##t, right there.

    Welcome to Chicago .. pay the #### up!

  11. Yo - as they say on SNL'S "Weekend Update" - REALLY???

    I thought cops and meter-readers had those little hand-held computers wherein they punch the license plate info., and if the screen shows that it's an out-of-town car no ticket should be issued.

    In my home town of Joliet they found car stickers to be unnecessary once the casinos got up and running, and contributing bit bucks to the local coffers.
    Just saying...

  12. I had a friend in town with MO license plates and they were ticketed for the city sticker. Plus it was technically during the grace period so we plan to call shenanigans. It's easier and more lucrative to ticket first, and have people fight it later