Monday, July 18, 2011

More On The President's Uptown Birthday Party

CNN's got some more details about the planned August 3rd festivities:

" Obama will attend two fundraising events at the Aragon theater, a historic ballroom in the "Uptown" section of Chicago.

Tickets for a private dinner, one of the two events that night, range from $10,000 to $38,500, with tickets for the second event, a "birthday concert," ranging from $50 to $10,000. Details are under wraps about who may be performing at the celebrity concert, but one possibility is Jennifer Hudson. A campaign aide says all of the musical performers will be Chicago natives."

But hold on before you charge your credit card!  It all comes with a big caveat:  The day before the scheduled events, August 2nd, is the deadline for the government avoiding going into financial default.  Don't expect to see The Prez partying if the country fails to raise the debt ceiling by then.

Here's a carrot on a stick:  "As part of a new initiative to increase grassroots support, some Obama activists who recruit 50 new supporters or 50 new donors or 50 people to attend campaign events are expected to get a special incentive - tickets to some of the birthday events."


  1. We bought our $50 tickets...there better be a refund if it's canceled....

  2. The invite we received said that Herbie Hancock and OK Go are going to be the performers.