Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sofo Bought By Crew Owners

From a press release:

4923 N. Clark Street, Inc. d/b/a Sofo Bar (“Sofo”) announces the completion of a transaction under which 100% of the shares of Sofo have been acquired by Mark Robertson, Mike Sullivan, Steve Milford and Brian Wells.

“Sofo is a terrific neighborhood bar, with a great staff and loyal customers,” says Mark Robertson, the newly named President of the corporation. “All of Sofo’s bartenders are staying on, and we look forward to working with all of them to grow the business in the years to come.”

Milford and Wells opened Crew Bar + Grill in 2004, at 4804 N. Broadway, in the Uptown neighborhood. Sullivan and Robertson joined Milford and Wells as principal owners of Crew in January of 2010. Sofo will be operated as a separate corporate entity and S.W. Crew, Inc., the corporation that operates Crew Bar + Grill, does not have any ownership interest in Sofo.


  1. It is a great neighborhood bar.

    Let's hope it stays just that, a NEIGHBORHOOD BAR.

  2. Crew owners, entrepreneurial masters of inherited wealth.

  3. Why the darts, Stu? Anything you want to share with us besides inuendo? I don't know anything about the source of the Crew owners' wealth--whether it was earned or inherited--but at least they are keeping businesses running to serve our communities and keep people gainfully-employed. The "society pages" are overflowing with spoiled brats with inherited wealth who spend Daddy's money on no one and no thing besides themselves....

  4. I'm betting they will keep it as a neighborhood bar. I like Sofo, the bartenders are all great, the clientele is nice. It's Dog friendly. My only gripe is the constant dance music. Maybe they can shake that up some. :-)