Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sense Of Security

  • Cops in blue shirts... check.
  • Cops in white shirts... check.
  • Guys in dark suits and sunglasses... check.
  • Rangers[?] Illinois State Troopers in tan shirts and impressive hats... check.
  • And our favorite:  someone dressed in all black scratching their head.
A reader posted this photo on our Facebook page of the scene outside the Aragon this week.  We can't make out if the guys in suits are wearing earpieces attached to wires coming out of their collars, but it's a pretty sure bet that this all has to do with the President's fundraiser/ concert/ birthday party scheduled to take place in Uptown next Wednesday.

It's a no-go if the country goes into default on Tuesday, so we're hoping Congress gets it together by then (for a myriad of reasons, one of which is the prospect of seeing Uptown on the world stage).


  1. Those "Rangers" are Illinois State Troopers.

    I was an experienced traffic offender in an earlier life.

  2. Be nice if the people of UPTOWN had such protection from the gunshots.

  3. noticed guys in suits driving black SUV's with police sirens atop tonight. Marine One squadron should be flying over the next couple of days. Awesome! I am hoping, PRAYING that the bangers are absolutely clueless as to what is happening this week and attempt more street riots/shootings/shenanigans, they will have a shit storm come down on them like never before.