Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Shots Fired Overnight Behind Truman College

A reader writes in with this account from around 2:15AM:
"I was just awakened by multiple gunshots that sounded like they were in my bedroom. The gunfire came from the vicinity of Truman College by Sunnyside and Racine. I called 911 immediately. Two seconds later I observed the usual herd of Black P Stone gang members who live by us running east on Sunnyside.

Several of the gang members came down the alley and went into the Voice of the People building gangway next door at 4426 N. Clifton. The 13 year old who lives there led the way into the building.

The rest of the gang members followed their leader into the courtyard at 4431 N Clifton.  The police stopped them before they entered the courtyard, spoke to them briefly from their car, and kept on driving. Total encounter time under a minute.

The gang members then walked confidently into the 4431 N Clifton building since this is a safe haven they’ve used for years.

Ironically both of these properties have received millions of TIF money to provide safe affordable housing and have become gang havens."


  1. Two words-wrecking ball. I know, easier said than done.

  2. How come this has been allowed to go on for years without the buildings owners not be held accountable???
    Also, since this building is known to have gang activity for years, why haven't the police targeted this building for gang surveillance and do a sweep for drugs, weapons, and guns???

  3. Thanks to our previous Alderman.....'TIF money' has become a dirty slogan.

    'TIF money' was used to put solar panels (go figure) on a building on Magnolia, that routinely sees trouble. (I know, since one of the residents felt the need to throw a metal object at my car a few years ago...out of a window, now blessed with solar panels on the roof).

  4. I believe the Clifton building too has TIF-funded solar panels on its roof and is working hard to become the first LEEDS certified gang headquarters in Chicago.

  5. If you are concerned about the child who is thirteen or younger, call DCFS. A visit might protect him/her and his/her family. Also, if the child has priors, he should not be near/with offenders so his/her probation officer will be notified and could help intervene as well.