Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Night Special (Not What You Think)

46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman will be on The Saturday Night Special Radio show tonight at 7:05pm. He'll be on to discuss 46th Ward issues and his first month and a half in office. The Special broadcast live on your radio at 560 AM WIND and online at


  1. Outside the Loop Radio also has an interview with the Capplemaniac from June 30th that can be heard here.

  2. As he's said before, Ald. Cappleman said big plans will be announced in the next 6 weeks for the Wilson el Red Line Stop that will blow the other stops out of the water. Tied into the entertainment district development so expect Rahm in on the announcement.

  3. It would be nice if Mr. Cappleman started sitting in his office and answering emails and the phone instead of running all over the city to be in press releases and other politicians fundraisers.

    I understand it is an exciting time, but some of us are starting to wonder when the nuts and bolts of actually running the ward will begin...

  4. Poo Poo,

    nice first comment from you on this blog. Cappleman isn't perfect, no one is, but he is hardly inaccessible. He is like an Uptown version of the Energizer Bunny. I suspect he's out and about at Ward related meetings five or six nights a week.




  5. @ Papo:

    Are you frickin' kidding me? New to the neighborhood? I can tell you right now that sitting in his office waiting for you to call, or on the off-chance you might stop by to discuss ward problems at your leisure, is NOT going to happen. James is doing what he does best and what he campaigned on...getting it done. It's such a refreshing change. I'm quite frankly at a loss that you think he's not there for his constituents.

  6. Papo, I'm very interested in seeing a list of the press events and political fundraisers that Cappleman is doing that is keeping him from performing his e-mail and telephone duties! What HAS he been doing along those lines? What neighborhoods is he paying more attention to than ours? Who is he raising money for politically? It is inexcusable that he is doing community meetings about Maryville, talking with Walmart about their surprise development on Broadway, and writing newsletters to his constituents when he has e-mails to answer and phone calls to make from his office!!! He needs to get off his behind and pick up MORE trash off the streets, shovel asphalt into all our potholes, direct traffic during rush hour in front of Jewel, and shoo away the gulls (and dogs) from Montrose Avenue Beach so that people from the wards west of us can swim safely there, too! Plus he needs to solve the City's structural deficit, eliminate homelessness and poverty, and eliminate gangs, alcohol abuse and drug abuse by next week. Dang it, he has been in office for almost TWO MONTHS...why he can't just sit in his office and answer the phones and answer all the e-mails is just beyond me. After all, trash is piling up at all the curbs, waves of rats will keep children running for the safety of their decrepit schools, several 36 Broadway buses are missing after driving into bottomless pot holes, sewage fountains spout in the middle of Wilson Avenue, and entire blocks depend on carrying water from a trickling spigot in a strip mall on North Sheridan for their household use! I want to know what Cappleman is doing that is keeping him from tending to the basics!

  7. @ Papo

    The interview was by phone so James could have actually been in the office at the time. They really don't take that long.

    An email I sent on a 311 type matter was responded to well enough.

    By the way did anyone else see the fireworks show @ Foster earlier tonight....spectacular spectacle......

    Happy Holiday!

  8. I just looked up Papo's IP address and it resolved to the 1200 block of Carmen.

  9. Here's a direct link to the interview. It's an eight minute interview. I hope he didn't miss too many calls or emails when he did it.

    James promises that plans for the Wilson EL stop will "blow the socks off" the residents.

    There's a joke here somewhere.

    He also gives some foodie recommendations at the behest of the interviewers.

  10. Some of the anti-cappleman rage is pretty weird.

    Anyways, hoping for the best with Wilson and thank goodness for another relatively quiet warm holiday weekend in Uptown.