Saturday, July 2, 2011

Montrose Beach Closed

Oops.  It's a great day to swim, but not at Montrose Beach.  It's closed to swimmers due to high bacteria levels.

From the Tribune story:  "Updated beach information is available at the park district Web site, by calling 312-74-BEACH or by sending a text message with the name of your beach to 312-715-SWIM."


  1. I can't imagine the dog beach is helping the situation. I used to love going there with my dog, but there are just too many irresponsible owners who let their dogs crap in the water. Yes I understand that it's being diluted into a large body of water, but still...

  2. The beach is open, the water is closed for swimming.

  3. @ F & L in S

    I've thought the same thing but a friend of mine made a good point that the shore birds crap much more collectively (in metric tons?).

    The birds are out there 24 hours a day and they got the numbers, Makes sense I guess.....

    If the Deep Tunnel ever gets on line maybe it will help. That billions of $'s boon-doogle. Boston had a "Big Dig" project too but at least its useful now.

  4. Littleton, you are correct. This may be of interest to some people:

    The sources of contamination vary, but where storm sewer outfalls and sanitary sewers aren't the issue, the primary source of bacterial contamination on Great Lakes beaches is shore birds!

  5. From the park district website:

    Sunday, July 3 2011
    No swim bans or advisories based on water quality.
    All beaches are open for swimming with no water quality restrictions from 11AM to 7PM.
    Leone, Montrose, North Avenue, 31st Street, Oakwood/41st Street, South Shore and Calumet open at 9:30AM for swimming.
    Swim bans or advisories may be implemented by life guards at the beaches based on weather conditions. Check flag status at the beach before swimming.
    Water Temp: 64 Degrees Fahrenheit

  6. @Littleton Though the birds are there the dogs are responsible for a number of the communicable bacteria such as giardia (which infects dogs and humans) due to "water pooping".

    My dog contracted it twice at the beach and is the reason we no longer go there during the summer (dogs can't "water poop" when the lake is frozen). Our vet bills due to the giardia and complications related have been in the thousands. In the past 2.5 years since, we have cut out the beach and our dog hasn't had a single re-occurrence.

    This is not to say the bird poo is safe....but F&LinS makes a rather valid point.

  7. @LAU: Very good point, I hadn't even considered the birds. Still I would consider the birds to be a baseline level of "poop" if you will, and the dogs tend to tip the balance towards the contamination.

    Physically Knotted best stated what I was trying to convey. The giardia. Scary stuff.

    For me I also hated how the dog license/tags were never enforced (if they were, I stand corrected but I haven't seen it). Therefore for all you know that dog isn't fully vaccinated. I try to point out to owners when their dog is lacking a tag.

  8. It certainly has a lot to do with the birds, check this out!,0,7946104.story

  9. Lets face the facts with people, dogs, birds and fish dumping thier wastes into the lake I won`t ever take a smim and get my body filled up with this unhealthy mix of bacteria soup. I will stick with the pool on my roof and hope the chemicals they dump daily won`t ruin my health either.

  10. @ Physically Knotted, However your assumption might be correct, you can't place the blame solely on "water poop" for your pooch getting Giardia.

    I have a dog who had it, and we never frequented the dog beach until it's later years.

    Yes, it is higher risk to get it there, but it's the same risk if your dog rolled around outside in a puddle/mudd or drank water from a water bowl on the sidewalk of a retail store. It happens...

    @F & L in S - your assumption as well could be right, but don't place the blame on the doggies and their poops. You are RIGHT about the irresponsible owners that like to frequent Montrose. But I think it's a mix of the City allowing sewage over run go into the river or the lake, multiplied by natural bacteria in lakes, and then the amount of PEOPLE, DOGS, BIRDS, that like Montrose as well.

    It is what it is, it's a large body of water that doesn't have the cleaning ability as a large ocean has... Just glad that the city is smart enough to monitor it's levels before a large number of people get sick.