Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Family Of Uptown Falcons

copyright held by Jerry Goldner

copyright held by Jerry Goldner

Wildlife photographer Jerry Goldner, who's wowed us before with his images of the peregrine falcons who live atop the Uptown Theater, took another series of pictures of the falcon fledglings this past June.  He says, "Here's the link to the new family pix."

As falcon watchers may remember, drama ensued this spring when the male of the Uptown family, Guy, disappeared and was replaced in the breeding pair by his son, Stan.  Apparently all went well with Stan's liaison with the Uptown's long-time matriarch, Zoom, because young'uns are clearly in evidence in these latest photos.

The first 20 or so photos in the series were taken at the Uptown Theater last month, and those immediately following them in the slide show were taken this year at historic St. Michael's Church in Old Town.  Enjoy the show!  It's a privilege to have these beautiful and rare creatures living at Lawrence and Broadway.


  1. I've seen one of these falcons on Winthrop just south of Lawrence. There is a large tree outside of Stucco/brick house no the east side just south of the big parking lot. A falcon perches there early in the morning around 5 am. I have seen it quite a few times eating something in the tree the large branch above the sidewalk. It doesn't fly away when I walk under it, but it gives me the creeps seeing it ripping apart the flesh of its meal. *_*

  2. The falcons are some of my favorite Uptown residents. They have driven the pigeon population down so much that I seldom see a pigeon around here.

    I imagine a pigeon looks like a happy meal with wings to a falcon.

    More falcons......fewer bangers. That's my motto.

    We should have used Wilson Yard TIF money for a falcon hatchery.