Friday, July 15, 2011

Gettin' Ready For RibFest

Final preparations are underway for this year's RibFest. Tents are going up as well as the mainstage at Broadway and Leland. Let's make this year's RibFest a big success! See you there.


  1. If you are a parent, or are interested in the local schools make sure to check out the education booth. All 6 of the 46th Ward schools will have representatives there throughout the weekend.

  2. Cowboy Mouth rocked the joint! Last night was:

    awesome weather
    great food
    kick a@$ music
    manageable crowds
    and even relatively clean porto-johns

    Went to the Spot after for a free drink. a great and affordable evening in Chi.

  3. Thats what are Uptown should be all about Unity-not all that voilence that goes on.A summers night full of enjoyment.