Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aragon Update

Provided that our "public servants" in Washington don't manage to stubborn the country into financial default by next Tuesday, the Prez will hold his 50th birthday party/ fundraiser at the Aragon next Wednesday, August 3rd.  That's old news.  But columnist Lynn Sweet has more details, including the guests, the pricing, and the timing here and here.

We can't wait to see the drug buyers and dealers who hang out in front of the Lawrence House and alongside JJ Peppers as they say hello to the President's Secret Service detail.  Looking forward to the event for many reasons (putting Uptown on the world stage, seeing who shows up), but having that area of Uptown be the safest place on earth, for at least one night, is high among them.


  1. With all the debt ceiling problems thats going on I don`t think he will be having any birthday party here. If he does I guess we will all find out what is more important to this president, birthday fund raisers or the running of the government that he was elected to do.

  2. Oh wiseguy. I find your screen name ironic. If you want to jab any politician, why don't you start with the democratic and republican senators and congressman that have been staring at eachother for weeks saying "no" to every proposal that is brought forth?
    The President can only do so much in this situation. And now all of the republicans that were elected to "take our country back" in 2010 are now refusing to govern. I can guaruntee you that if a democratic plan was distributed to the people, with no indication that it came from the lefty's, that most people would find it acceptable.

    Instead, we have people playing party politics as usual, to the point where republican congressman have to play bank robbery clips from Ben Affleck movies to drive home the point they want to make. They will not work with Barack Obama; but will do the opposite in their never-ending struggle for 'revenge'.

    Frankly, I wish they would save the fifth grade antics and rhetoric and just do something for all of us. I'm so tired of the back and forth. I just want someone, ANYONE!, to work together.

  3. I just wish the Aragon would fix their damn lights on the east side.. having 3 letters burnt out is super ghetto

  4. Having Uptown host a sitting US President's birthday gig is a good thing for us all - no matter what your politics may be.

  5. @ Wisguy remember the President is not a king. Congress is also involved with running this country.

  6. I'm with wiseguy. Politics aside, the president needs to step it up and show some leadership on this issue.

    He is after all the chief executive (also head of the party that controls the Senate), and the buck stops with him, as a real leader once said.

    I hope he does come to Uptown, though, just to see if his visit makes a dent in the gang activity.

  7. I think people need to stop defending the President and start holding him accountable for what he is supposed to be doing. Trunner is right on the money, the buck stops with him. If each of us ran our households the way our government was run, we would all have 350 credit scores.

    Here is a simple exercise: Rack up all of your credit cards and then call each company and ask for a credit limit increase. See what they banks will say. Enough said.

  8. @You Know Me,

    "Here is a simple exercise: Rack up all of your credit cards and then call each company and ask for a credit limit increase. See what they banks will say. Enough said."

    That isn't how it works. We are borrowing money, not racking up debt on credit. So, maybe if you would have compared this issue to say, student loans, you would have had a valid point.

    But the fact of the matter is, this falls on congress and the senate. When the governing bodies approved the years budget, they essentially agreed to the debt ceiling being raised.

    When they approved the budget, they agreed to a certain amount of government spending. It goes without saying that we knew when we approved the budget that the debt ceiling would have to increase to accomodate more borrowing (to pay for 'spending' approved in the budget).

    This is not rocket science. It is common sense. The republicans approved the budget. So don't blame Obama now. Blame the people that manufactured this shit out of thin air.

    Did you know only one other country in the world even has a debt ceiling? That should tell you something about its' significance.

  9. Anybody else see what definitely looked like helicopters from Obama's detail over Uptown this morning...'bout 9-9:30?