Saturday, June 25, 2011

Urban Vegan Opens

It's not in Uptown, but they deliver here, so good news for the non-carnivores amongst us.  Urban Vegan, a Thai restaurant, opened at 1605 W Montrose earlier this month.  Most of the Yelp reviews have been positive, and now we have somewhere to take our vegan friends.  Check out the menu here.


  1. This is great! Can't wait to try it. :)

  2. We called to order from Umaiya Cafe (not knowing it was now a different business) and they never told us they were a new restaurant even as we said "Hello? Umaiya Cafe?"

    We ordered our usual (guess they have the exact same menu as Umaiya Cafe too), Cashew Chicken and Ginger Beef without any comment about it now being vegan and therefore meat free.

    It wasn't until we got the food and started eating that we realized something was up. We looked at the receipt and sure enough it said Urban Vegan. We were like WTF. Admittedly mine was pretty good but we were a bit annoyed at having had the wool pulled over our eyes. Same phone number, same menu and no clarification that they were no longer Umaiya Cafe. We felt the whole thing was a bit shady but the food was good!

  3. I would like to know why this is not considered Uptown. I live on Ashland north of Montrose and south of Lawrence and there are still plenty of scary buildings here with both questionable tenants and landlords. There was just a gang related aggravated battery at Wolcott and Montrose. The Starbucks at Wolcott and Montrose was tagged recently. So, aside from dilapidated buildings violent crime, and gang tagging what else are we missing between Clark and Ravenswood that is preventing this blog from recognizing the actual city boundaries?

  4. Here is the official city community area definition of Uptown:

    Uptown (Area 3) is one of Chicago's 77 official community areas.

    It spans the area from Irving Park Rd (4000 N) to Foster Ave (5200 N), from Lake Michigan west to Clark St south of Montrose and west to Ravenswood Ave (1800 W) north of Montrose. Uptown includes a number of smaller neighborhoods: Buena Park, Clarendon Park, Margate Park and Sheridan Park, among others. Uptown is north of Lake View, south of Edgewater and east of Ravenswood.

    ZIP codes: 60640, 60613.

    I found this over at

  5. Gee, Scott, you seem to be saying that because you have some dicey buildings, some shootings and graffiti in your neighborhood, you demand to be called Uptown? Now that's a rare argument. Perhaps the west and south sides should be called Uptown, as well, if that's the criteria.

    Most people would describe the neighborhood you're in as Ravenswood or St. Ben's. Yelp calls the area where Urban Vegan is located "Lakeview." It calls the Truc Lam Temple's area (Wilson & Ashland) "Ravenswood." It calls Chase Park (Lawrence & Ashland) "Ravenswood." Who are we to argue?

    Feel free to call your hood anything you want, but if you look at our front page, you'll see that we cover the area from Clark to the lake, from Irving Park to Foster. Occasionally we venture a bit beyond those borders, as in the case of Urban Vegan.

    You'll find that your area is already very ably covered by the Center Square Journal and Welles Park Bulldog.