Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taking On The Challenge of Challenger Bark

A little over a year ago, a reader wrote in asking who was in charge of Challenger Bark, which had fallen into disrepair.  We found out that the Park District would do some of the needed maintenance and upkeep, but the rest of it was the responsibility of the community.  So it was with happiness that we received this note:

"We have formed a committee for the Challenger Bark Dog Friendly Area.  The members (and their corresponding doggie friends) are:
  • Kent Thomas (Chairperson) - Zoe and Billy Zoom!
  • Geraldine Ward - Stout
  • Chad Ruppel - Harley
  • Gretchen Drury - Lulu
  • Molly Ryerson - Oliver
  • Dave Forristal - Brady

We have been working with the Chicago Park District to make the following repairs and improvements:
  • Leaking water fountain and corresponding area with pool of standing water
  • Ground cloth and peastones
  • Gaps at bottom of fence
  • Missing support bar on fence (fixed)
  • South end gate
  • North gate latch broken

Anyone with helpful ideas on how to improve Challenger Bark or anyone wishing to be on the mailing list can contact us directly at"

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  1. thank you thank you thank you to all those who have taken this on:)