Monday, June 13, 2011

"Rokito's" Coming This July On Wilson

The future home of "Rokito's" as seen today on Wilson as workers remove the old windows.
A reader writes in:
"I spoke with the owner of the new Mexican restaurant (called Rokito's) set to open this July at 1111 W. Wilson.  He has been rehabbing the old CTA storefront on the south side of Wilson, which most recently was Express Corner.

I was reading the work notice on the window, when he stepped outside and invited me in to take a look.  I have to say that he's doing a great job rehabbing the interior.  He tells me that the local authorities have been very cooperative and helpful, as well.  I don't think I've ever heard "alderman" and "helpful" used in the same sentence in Uptown since I moved here in 2001.    

In any event, if he's as gracious a host to his diners as he was to a curious pedestrian, I'm sure he'll be very successful."


  1. I would have to agree with them. Alderman Cappleman's office has been such a wonderful delight to work with! They actually fine out the answers and get back to you within days.. verses our old Alderman, that gives you half ass answers and most of the time never followed up with you!

    I had my doubts about Cappleman... but I am willing to give ANYONE a chance to prove themselves.. and his offices is doing a GREAT job so far!

  2. Again we continue to hear more good new for and about Uptown......WOW!

  3. It definitely is looking a lot better than that "Express" place did with it's nasty front security gate. The wooden siding is a little funky contrasting with the freshly cleaned tile, but whateves. A new, friendly business is always welcome. Now, any news on the building next door to them? Of the 4 main CTA properties around there, this one has a nice tenant going in, the Men's store got a little attention recently, but what about the 'L' station building itself?

  4. I agree with Jason, I stopped by the other day reported a problem and the next day it was handled. Just curious how many mexican restaurants do we need in uptown?

  5. A mexican restaurant here is better than an empty, abandoned storefront, just saying...

    The building is looking great and I wish them success!

  6. "Just curious how many mexican restaurants do we need in uptown?"

    Yeah, that's the problem with Uptown... too damn many businesses! We need to start cutting back and getting those empty storefronts back.

    Hey, if someone wants to put his or her life savings into fixing up the joint by opening a locally-owned business, I will stand up and cheer and support that business the best I can.

    You go right ahead and complain and I bet if you get enough naysayers to join you, you can have those empty storefronts back really quickly.

  7. how funny that someone makes a comment about all the mexican restaurants and they get scolded. Yes it is great to have a new business, but my concern is will they survive

  8. This is great news. One less vacant store front in Uptown.

    All it takes is a business person with a good idea and Alderman that does not create obstacles.

    If Roquitos provides a good value to it's customers, it will succeed. (for me that means clean and friendly service with decent food) I will give it a try.

    Looking forward to more progress in the coming months and years.

  9. I understand the survival concerns. Mexican food is great and probably one of my favorites to go out for, but in a city with tons of great and interesting Mexican options, places have to really serve up something special, regionalized or different to standout from the pack.

  10. Uptown manages to support Thai restaurants on every block, four Subways in a square mile (as well as a Jimmy Johns), and nail and hair salons galore, often across the street from each other.

    When's the last time a clean, decently-priced restaurant went out of business right next to an el stop and a community college?

    My fear is not that the neighborhood can't withstand "another" Mexican restaurant, but the sidewalk traffic on that corner tends to be krytonite for customers. I hope he can survive Wilson & Broadway.

    One down, about 50 more to go. Empty storefronts, that is.

  11. Speaking of beauty salons, yet another one is opening soon near Wilson/Magnolia, about half a block from Truman.

  12. The mas the merrier, I always say.

    I'm all for another variation on Mexican for an after work meal or Margaritas or Palomas on one of the three sunny weekends we get here. Hellz yeah!