Thursday, June 9, 2011

New President Proposed For Truman College

According to Mayor Emanuel, the City Colleges aren't doing a very good job of enrolling or graduating their students (seven percent!), so he's looking for fresh people to lead them.  Truman is one of the five city colleges with a new candidate for its president.  The new presumptive president is Reagan Romali; the current president is Lynn WalkerRead about it here.


  1. A new leader at Truman is a new opportunity for a better relationship between the college and the community. I hope that UCC, the Graceland-Wilson Neighbors, Magnolia-Malden Neighbors, and Beacon Street Neighbors Associations work together to meet with the new president and start a new working relationship that benefits the College AND the surrounding neighborhoods.

  2. By the way, does anyone else think that Truman College desperately needs a little bit of family student housing and staff family housing? And wouldn't it be great if the City Colleges struck a deal with CHA to take over the CHA buildings on the southwest corner of Racine and Sunnyside for that purpose? Just sayin'....where would the gangbangers go if they were replaced with college students and their families? *GRIN*