Thursday, June 9, 2011

Community Safety Meeting Tonight

From the Carmen Winona Block Club:

A final reminder that there is a very important safety meeting for the Uptown residents of the following block clubs:

Argyle-Winmore; Castlewood Terrace, Gunnison, Margate Terrace, Carmen-Winona

All are welcome.

Share your concerns for neighborhood safety and ask questions of Alderman Osterman (48); Alderman Cappleman (46) and Police Commander Lucy Moy (20th district).

JUNE 9th (Tonight), 7pm
5040-5060 N Marine Condo Association (Lobby)


  1. Fantastic! Neighborhood aldermen and the Police Commander in the same place ready to answer all crime related questions.

    It is so great to be part of the loop! I can't express how happy I am with so much more opportunity for community involvement.

    In my experience, the Police Commander is very open to interaction with the community. We are lucky to have her.

  2. FWIW, this meeting was refreshing. It was nice to hear both aldermen acknowledge the trouble areas we all deal with on a daily basis on be on the same page about what is being done and can be done to fix it.

  3. could not make the meeting, what were the bullet points?

  4. I had to leave before it was over, but Harry spoke for about 5 mins before James arrived and talked about the Uptown hot spots in his ward (Broadway/Sheridan, Foster/Lawrence) and seemed to genuinely want to work with the 46th ward and not have the Uptown portion of his be the red headed step child.

    James arrived and said a lot of the same stuff, there was no refusal by either to confront the persistent gang problem. They both praised the new top cop's broken windows strategy and mentioned that there is no crime too small to follow through on.

    The bulk of the meeting was citizens voicing their concerns, lots of people from Gunnison upset over the resent shooting, open and flagrant drug dealing and lots of talk about well known and often discussed problem buildings, notably high rises near Lawrence/Sheridan/Gunnison, Lawrence House, certain social services and problem business (notably S Pantry, JJ Peppers and Arglye area).

    There was an expected amount of typical political platitudes, but both the aldermen and police were very aware of the problems and seemed willing to work towards solving the problems. Call 9/11, engage your neighbors and being vigilant and persistent were common themes.