Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goin' To The Chapel...

The Sun-Times has an interview with 46th Ward Ald. James Cappleman and his partner, Richard Thale, which talks primarily about James becoming the first alderman planning to take advantage of Illinois's new civil unions law.  Read it here.


  1. Speaking on behalf of Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Senator "Hooker" Vitter, Senator Slutmonkey McCain and various religious figures I want to condemn this atrocity.

    I mean if two gay men can be in a loving and committed relationship for nearly 20 years how does that make us slutty straight guys look?

    The answer is HYPOCRITES.

    Best of Luck to the old married couple. I hope they have many more decades together.

    By the way they damn well better have the weddding/reception in Uptown or they will be roundly criticized. Of course as I'm sure we all know no matter what they do they will be roundly criticized. Hell with it. Do what you want!

    You know what, for all that is wrong with country we are certainly a better nation than we were mere decades ago.

    We have a White Sox fan in the no longer so White House and gay couples can get hitched.

    Somewhere Abe Lincoln is smiling.

  2. I have just one word to say to Richard and James.


  3. Anyway.... I think it's a beautiful thing. It's our month and it's our tyme to shine.