Friday, June 24, 2011

Dine Outside This Evening


  1. Celebrating "Uptown Girl" at the Bronco Billy "replacement" site?


    Simply awesome.

  2. Yo has a good point there.. a LOT of gang activity has suddenly shown up at this play lot and on Kenmore in general... I hope the police are aware of this..

  3. Methinks the police are aware of the move in nefarious activity to Kenmore.

    Who lives right down the block from the "replacement" site?

    If you answered James Cappleman you are correct.

    Now I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories, but is that a coincidence? Could be. Could be that some people are trying to send the Capplemaniac a message.

    There are essentially three types of people regarding these issues.

    First, the bangers.

    Second, the people who enable the bangers by focusing more on "rights" than responsibilities. Some times they are well meaning. Other times they are pond scum.

    Third, everyone else.

    Points for all of you to ponder. Me, I'm heading out to get some liquor and food to wash it down with.