Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clark Streetscape Still Lacks Plantings

SE corner of Clark and Leland

A reader writes in:
"First off, I think the Clark Streetscape looks great. I think they have finished the faux brick crosswalks in all intersections now. I am wondering if you know when the planters at each intersection would be filled with plants? Many of them are filled with weeds like the one I sent the photo of at Clark & Leland. Did they forget about these? It is coming up on the end of June."


  1. They seem to be very slow at completing the brick-like crosswalks. Although I didn't go that way on Saturday, Montrose and Sunnyside were still incomplete on Friday. Very, very slow...

  2. We donated a brick- and were told it would be part of the new playground- but instead they were slow to finish and put it in the open area way over on the corner. We're proud to support the park- but were hoping to show our kids their names in the playground like we thought it would be when we donated- not in the open area with no gates on the other end of the park.

  3. Something else to keep an eye on is the maintenance of the faux wrought iron fencing around the planters.

    It appears to be of the same sheet metal type of which Mayor Daley has been such a fan lo these many years, but which also have a tendency to rust and corrode quickly if not vigilantly maintained.

  4. I've noticed this as well.
    I see the 'faux brick' is nearly done at Clark and Montrose.

    I'm also wondering about the 'tree-lined' vistas on Broadway, in front of Wilson Yard. It's pretty grim. Mulch and Cheetos bags, don't amount to a pretty sight.