Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anyone Want To Buy Wilson Yard ... Cheap?

Big Oops!  Bet there's some consternation over at Holsten Development.  A sharp-eyed reader found this eyebrow-raising fine print:
"I was looking at the annual delinquent property tax sale listings this week to see if there were any in my building.  No one is delinquent in my building, but there is a piece of property located at 4468 N. Broadway under taxpayer name "Wilson Yard LLC" that is -- $75,029.94 (without penalties) on the 2009 taxes.

Hmmm... I wonder what is at that location? A quick look at PIN 14-17-217-041-0000 on the Cook County Treasurer's site also shows they haven't bothered to pay their 2010 taxes yet.

Nice to see that our tax money has helped finance a project that doesn't want to pay its own fair share."
We have to wonder if 71% of the delinquent taxes are going into the Wilson Yard TIF, or if that's just for the "little people" who pay their property taxes. Tax sale's coming up in July ...


  1. There are a gaggle of PIN numbers for the entire property running from Montrose to about 4500 Broadway.

    So the taxes are being paid on some of the various sections of Wilson Yard, but not all? Inquiring minds want to know.

    The backstory as to what's happening here must be interesting.

    Maybe we can shift some money over from the Clarendon TIF over here to help.

    Wait, I just remembered some subpoenas. Perhaps if Holsen et al had spent less money on lawyers and subpoenas he'd have some cash left over to pay those nasty taxes.

    Perhaps it's just an oversight. Whip out the checkbook, babee. The taxpayers need a new pair of shoes.

  2. How can you check if there a property tax delinquencies? Must you individually type in each pin?