Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bridgeview Bank Spruces Up

Landscapers have been hard at work outside Bridgeview Bank at Broadway and Lawrence today. Gone are the dandelions and weeds that have filled the outdoor areas for the past couple of years and now we will soon see freshly laid mulch and possibly more plantings. Kudos to Bridgeview. This sudden spruce up surely had nothing to do with this posting from last month.

Update: According to Ald. Cappleman's twitter feed, we can thank St. Marguerite's Youth Group for sprucing up this garden space at Bridgeview Bank.


  1. There is a weedy vine that choked out the once beautiful landscaping there. Whatever new plants are put in will also be choked out if not regularly weeded and cared for.

  2. Let's see what this looks like after the Ribfest weekend. I live across from it and saw first-hand last year what that space went through thanks to the festival. Just sayin'.

  3. so happy to see the new flag atop the bridgeview bank this morning - we missed it!