Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where The Dandelions Grow

July 2007
May 2011
We were raving about how beautiful Bridgeview Bank's landscaping looked back in 2007, but it has only gone downhill from there. During the last few summers, the weeds between the remaining rows of shrubs were simply mowed over, leaving us with something almost unrecognizable when compared to a few years ago. It might not look so bad if you like dandelions. If you think that Bridgeview needs to take care of this space a bit better, why not give them a ring at 1-800-794-2070 and let them know?


  1. I'll have you know that I intend to write a letter!

  2. I sent UU a couple of photos that show how the gardens of Aria High School have not been touched at all this year.. the same HS that is/was getting millions for a greenhouse from the WYT but cant even keep its own public grounds in shape, small as they are now.. I hope UU gets the chance to post them..

  3. I'm glad you pointed this out UU. I had mentioned this in one of the threads recently. It really looks awful. I have a picture of this garden from the El tracks back in 2007 and it was beautiful. Now it, along with the shuddered Borders, just looks sad.

    Isn't Suellen Long still on the chamber and the President of Bridgeview Bank? You would think she would want to spruce this up before RibFest.

  4. Let's not light the torches just yet... They are undergoing a several million dollar facade facelift.

    With that said.. Weed killer is on sale at The Home Depot.

  5. I think the corner garden at Fullerton/Halsted/Lincoln would be a fine model for this space (on the Biograph block). The current plan really lacked imagination!!!