Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

Flooding has been a real problem after rainstorms in Uptown, and with the deluge last night and early this morning, there's a lot of it.  Did you know you can make reports to 311 online?  You can choose from:
  • Water On Street
    Usage Notes:  "This service type is used to report water that remains on the street following a rain storm. Certain questions need to be answered to dispatch a sewer crew: the address of the location, the location of the water (middle of street, curb line, alley etc.) Additional information that is helpful includes whether water is bubbling up in the street, and from where. Noting whether any construction has been done in the street lately, and by whom, can also help."
  • Sewer Cleaning Inspection
    Usage Notes:  "This service type is used to request that the City sewers, located on or near the curb, be checked for cleaning. Certain questions must be answered to create a work order for an inspection: the address location, whether this sewer is in front of your home and the location of the sewer (street, curb line, alley etc.). Do not use this service type to request cleaning of a catch basin on private property. That is the property owner's responsibility."
These links, and many more, can be found on the City's 311 Request Form, linked on the right sidebar.

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