Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Great Deal At Cousins On Leland

A reader writes in:
"I was walking past my new favorite neighborhood restaurant, Cousins, at 1463 W. Leland, and noticed they have their outdoor patio set up. It looks really nice. I also noticed they are running a special "buy one get one breakfast" half off, during the week from 7am-3pm. The breakfast here is out of bounds and everything is fresh. Thought your readers would like to know about it. This is one place we should all be giving our business to in Uptown. Thanks."


  1. I absolutely love this place. The food is always fresh and wonderful. Juan also makes the best soups in the city. I eat here atleast three times a week and I have never EVER had anything subpar. They also serve excellent calamari. Everyone in our neighborhood should frequent this place. Like a poster said earlier, if this place doesn't succeed it won't be their fault.

  2. Agreed...and the price is right!

  3. Cousins is the best. If I move out of Uptown when my lease is up, I think I will miss this place the most...closely followed by the Wilson redline stop (ha..ha)